Monday, 29 March 2010

Roundabout Roundabout Maggoty Pie... father loves good ale
and so do I

(has anyone ever heard that nursery rhyme before? Me neither. It's not exactly catchy, is it?)

I got the roundabout quilt top finished on Saturday, but had to wait for a less windy/rainy/miserable day to take a pic. It still blew about all over the place and took me forever to get the darn thing to sit still to get a picture but eventually I got there. Phew.

The pattern is actually bigger than my finished top - once I got the squares laid out I realised it was getting far too girly so I gave up and this is about 50ish x 60ish inches instead of the twin size Amy has on her blog. Hopefully someone will have a little baby girl before too long and I can gift it to them, because I'm not sure it would do for a boy. Oh well. For now it will hang on the fabric closet door with the other tops waiting for basting and quilting. I need to get the damn spiderweb quilt finished before I start anything else.

For those of you that are too afraid to try curved piecing, give it a go. I think once I get it quilted the puckers will be invisible, and it was really fun to do. And fast too - this came together in a couple of days without me really thinking too much about it.
Start with 4 blocks and if you hate it that much you could make a nice pillow. Honestly, it's not as horrendous as you think.


Heather said...

"Its not a horrendous as you think" There's a fine recommendation! LOL but I know what you mean. I avoid curves. There is too much cutting and pinning. But it is really cute.

comfortstitching said...

Think you might have inspired this scard-ey pants to give it a go. I do like your get out fast clause in making a pillow instead...............waste not want not!!

Sudi-Laura said...

Having made this same pattern I will second Katy's recommendation! I love the quilt, Katy! Nice work as always!!

trash said...

Pretty. I bought an old book a few weeks back all about cutting and piecing curves. Took a little of the scare factor away. Not sure I could cope with matching quadrants and then having to sew the circle into the outer bit. I shall just stand back and look in admiration.

quiltygal said...

ohhhhh think I'll pass on this one ...I have such a lot of designs waiting :) I'll leave the curvy bits to you !!!

Beth said...

ugh, i still have to finish my spiderweb too!
i think i do need to try this pattern out, the quilt top looks great! or I could always use anotehr pillow!

alobsiger said...

Reach your arm right around and pat yourself on the back! Beautiful job on those curves! A baby girl would look perfect with those happy colors too. Bravo!

Amy said...

if it's not horrendous as I think - why can I NOT get myself to finish the one I'm currently working on? I'm writing the pattern again (this time with seam allowances to see if it's easier) but I'm stuck half way through.

Yours is just beautiful. I love the fabrics!

picciolo said...

It looks very impressive Katy! And a huband that buys you fabric? Amazing!
: )

Pat said...

Your quilts are breathtaking. Happy Quilting!

Linda said...

This quilt looks great. Well done with the curved seams. I love your blog & have just been reading some old posts. How did your January swap go? Did you have lots of folk taking part? Perhaps you will do another sometime soon?!!!

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Griffin said...

Ahem, oi, why is it too girly, eh?! It's for a baby and it has lots of colours, which a tiddler will love.

Also it was made by you, with love... ok and possibly a bit of swearing now and then. Let the kid have the quilt and be warm. He may come to love it because it was once made especially for him and not be bothered that the maker thought the colours 'girly'.

It looks fabulous. Go on, give the kid the quilt and enough with the gender stereotyping awready!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It's special. It really is very special. I love the easter egg colors. And I'm becoming a little more friendly to curved piecing myself. We are on an acquaintance level only though! Nice job.

sewkatiedid said...

I'm going to try my hand at these. I like ale...

tarabu said...

I can't help myself. I'm still afraid of curves!

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