Monday, 10 May 2010


After the not so awesome week of last week where everything I touched seemed to either go missing or break I can say so far sew good for this one.
The lost favourite scissors turned up, would you believe it, under a pile of scraps. The lost credit card also materialised - in the cats' health records in a drawer (obviously - where else would you keep a credit card but in a health record for your pet?). I retraced my steps and decided the last time I had seen it was when I went to the vet's, and I had shoved the health records into my pocket, thus snatching up the credit card at the same time. The ever OCD husband tidied them away into a drawer (after I left them on the desk in the hallway). It came to me in a flash of brilliance in the middle of the night over the weekend.

My flying geese are not quite so perfect. Actually block number 2 has more clipped wings and beaks than block number 1. (I'll add a pic tomorrow - blogger is being unhelpful in loading of photos right now), but you know what? I don't care. I will love my flying geese quilt and I will master them to achieve those Anita points (as I like to call them) by the end.

Hopefully the planets are realigning. We almost have a new Prime Minister. Not sure who. I'm no more clued up than I was on Friday. One thing is for sure, even if I don't manage to get my flying geese super sharp, it's not quite as devastating as poor old Gordon Brown's life must be right now. I'm glad I'm not in his boots.


picciolo said...

I'm glad you are having a better week and that the lost things turned up. Flashes of brilliance in the middle of the night are always useful!
: )

claire said...

also glad lost things have been found..
I just wanted to say I am loving Fat Quarterly you all must be most chuffed and I intend to make your fat geese quilt soon...I am a simply square (or handsewn hex) kinda girl so it'll be a biggie for me!!!
Ta muchly for the inspiration x

wonderwoman said...

just to make your week even better , your quilt is on Dionne's latest post!! (Sew many quilts).

bloominworkshop said...

This week will be better! :) Your scissors have been found.

I saw a news clip on Gordon Brown. Yikes!

Cathy said...

So glad your week got better Katy, and your found your scissors!!! (oh, and credit card, but it would have been the scissors that would have been harder to bear I'm sure!). It's been interesting watching the voting, counting, working out who gets in process from over here, I'm sure I don't understand a half of it! xo

highwaycottage said...

Glad you've found your scissors. My thread snips are still missing :-( I'm sure they will turn up in the end though.

Good luck with the geese blocks, I found matching points pretty hard. Thankfully #3 turned out better than #1 and #2, though still not perfect. Fingers crossed for #4. The quilts will look awesome in the end.

Deb said...

I found your blog via Anita's after you commented that you needed to work on your flying geese too! lol I have done two blocks, yes that's right, but I have such a stack of beautiful fabric, I really must make some more, it's going to be amazing!
Love your blog, your quilts are lovely, lovely lovely.

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