Friday, 14 May 2010

sunday stash...and a lightbulb moment

It's no secret that I get a little excited about American Jane. Sandy Klop and Denyse Schmidt constantly battle it out for most favourite designer. I think Sandy has the crown today. It's likely to be different tomorrow though.
Today's Sunday Stash is a little pile of American Jane pre-cuts - recess layer, jelly roll, charm pack, and happy campers charm packs. And some charm sized left overs from the quilt top I thought I'd finished back in February.
It seems I hadn't finished it. It bothered me, something was missing. It didn't seem quite big enough for anything other than a lap quilt, and I wasn't sure I wanted it to be just another lap quilt.
Too much time passed. The special person that was getting this one got another quilt, and was happy (and none the wiser, more importantly).
I pulled it out this week and attached an off-white border, and decided I'd also add a piano key border using that recess jelly roll up there. And then I noticed the set of iron on alphabet appliques I'd bought from Jen Duncan.... PING!!!

I need to sew on those letters, they're fused on but I'm not sure how they'll last without some help. And I need the border sewing on. Finally, it's big enough - 80 x 90 inches - for Ginger's bed and he seems really quite pleased with it, because of all the 'numbers' on it (he's no genius, that child). I don't think I'll try quilting it. This one's coming to you, Chris.

I've told myself no more new quilts until I get some finished. So let's look at the list.....

spiderweb - that's being quilted, but I'm so bored of all the lines, it's taking forever. I'll do some this week and show you how it's going.

String Quilt - has gone to Christina's for quilting (yes, all the way across the ocean)

That leaves me with the roundabout, simple squares, and a couple of random baby quilts to quilt myself. And I'm not buying anything to use for backing etc etc. I supposed I should get cracking.


lily boot said...

wow! wow! wow! Those letters are gorgeous - and I'm so glad I don't have to sew around them ;-) Egads - that will be fiddly but beautiful. I think it sounds like you have everything very nicely in hand and a new quilt is definitely deserving :-)

quiltygal said...

Oh those letters just finish it off perfectly.......... sometimes you need to leave a top for a while so you see it differently....I am trying to finish off some of my ufos too.... although we just went away for our quilting weekend & I sewed 13 blocks for a new quilt!!!

trash said...

oh I DO like those special 'numbers'!

Fi grabbed me to be in a special pic for you yesterday ;-)

wishes, true and kind said...

Those letters could not be more perfect for that quilt! And thank you for sharing that "process". Most of my best ideas are not planned out, but are light bulb moments that occur in process.

You have so GORGEOUS quilts in that almost finished list!

Anonymous said...

I love all of them Katy!

sewtakeahike said...

oh yeah, it's awesome! I'm with you on sending a quilt that size off to someone else's machine for quilting. the thought of quilting something that big on my machine totally constipates me!

joven said...

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Tina said...

Katy, your work is so beautiful and I feel you with the list of 'must finishes'

Also, I feel your pain with the straight line quilting.


I'll look to you for inspiration!

Poppyprint said...

Genius. Again. Give Ginger some time, he'll catch on. By the way, what have you done with the 'z'? Is it hiding in there somewhere?

Rafael's Mum said...

This is SO lovely! I love how you put that together and the lettering is genius! What a lovely quilt!!

Marit said...

Adding those letters made the quilt turn from pretty to brilliant. I feel better about giving some of my quilt-tops a rest, now. Just waiting for a lightbulb moment....

Michelle said...

That's such a pretty quilt. I love the way the alphabet looks with the colors.

dmarie@thistlehillfabrics said...

I just love this quilt, Katy.
Want one.

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