Tuesday, 27 July 2010

the monkeys left the circus

I got totally distracted today. My copy of Fat Quarterly issue 2 arrived this morning and I got anxious to start on a new quilt. Funnily enough the same person that distracted me so much I had to make the kaleidoscope quilt top in record time is the lady behind this pattern too. Hmm. I think she works some voodoo magic on me like a quilty Pied Piper. Jen's pattern is called Circus Monkey but there are no monkeys in my quilt. My monkey's left the circus.

Earlier I was chatting to Jennie about starting this quilt some time after the weekend but once I started pulling fabrics out of my stash I thought 'oh, I'll just cut some squares to get me started' and then once I'd cut out enough squares to make a start I figured I may as well sew those blocks just to see how they looked. Well, before I knew it I had 6 blocks finished and another 6 half way done. Pretty good going considering I wasn't really thinking too much about it.

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the quilt (which Jennifer has made using Lecien fabrics and I am making with Alexander Henry Willow and some random dots from my stash) head over to the FQ blog and get your copy now!
We've had an awesomely busy day today, and are still sending out copies to subscribers. If you haven't had your copy by tomorrow then give us a shout. All the subs are sent out manually and there are a LOT of you, which is amazing and wonderful and makes us all burst with pride.
This issue is a biggie - about twice the size of file than issue 1 and with a whole variety of different patterns for you to try.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that commented on the kaleidoscope quilt. Your help was so appreciated. I really was in a pickle over what to do! I've added another row to square it up and make that half circle looking row nice and finished. I think I like it as it is now, it is just big enough to lay on the top of a double/queen sized bed which is exactly what my mum wanted and I like how it doesn't end properly, a bit like the spiderweb from before. Those half blocks at the edges kind of make me smile. I've made the backing and I will try and get it quilted next week and come back with more pics.


Cathy said...

Woohoo, just purchased my copy and waiting for it to download! xo

Griffin said...

You're probably right, you are the (let's face it, willing) victim of voodoo magic. I think this may make you a Voodoo Child, but don't quote me on that.

Fat Quarterly made me think of cake... so thank you!

I know that 'I'll just get prepared...' thing, I do that too!! Not always in the right places or with the right stuff, but still!

comfortstitching said...

I think those monkeys should be brought back kicking and screaming to the circus.

I keep looking at these blocks of yours and Jennifer's and I can't quite fathom what it is about them that makes them look circus-y. They do look very circus-y but what is that thing that makes them look so........................
Think I will go and stare a little bit more.

Locket Pocket said...

I love how it happens sometimes that you just can't help yourself when a new project comes knocking at your door! Those blocks are looking fab. I wanted to ask a possible favour actually....... I spotted your mini quilt "silly owl fell out of bed" the other day somewhere in blogland - although I can't remember where :o( and wondered if you'd mind if I showed Dottie the idea you had of using ribbons for the tummy feathers? She's mad about owls and is keen to do lots of sewing this holiday. Obviously we would give all credit to you for the idea if she made anything. What do you think? Lucy xx

patchworkdelights said...

I took out a subscription to FQ last night after reading your blog, it's brilliant! Love your quilt blocks, love MM fabrics!

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