Wednesday, 14 July 2010

open wide

Have you heard of Spoonfed Suppers? No, it's not a meals service for the elderly or infirm but a free daily recipe sent to your email.
This excites me in 2 ways - firstly I like to cook and secondly I like to sew. What's sewing got to do with it? Well, simple...if the nice Spoonfed Suppers lady sends me a recipe each day I don't have to go on a hunt for new and exciting recipes to keep the hungry brood happy (they get fed up with the same old same old stuff I try to palm off onto them) therefore giving me more time to sew. Hoorah. It's a win-win, isn't it?

It's free, you just fill in the form over on the website and that's it. (And another thing, no-one asked me to mention Spoonfed Suppers I just think it's a fab idea so I'm sharing it with you)

The photo up there is of the pincushions I sent to Anita as part of the scrappy pincushion swap. It's food related, kind of. (I just wanted to have a picture to make things look prettier).


trash said...

Ooo! This may just prevent hunter-drain when I have to go and track and forage through the larder and the fridge every evening.

allsewnup said...

Thanks for this link, I've signed up and am looking forward to some yummy culinary help.


Poppyprint said...

Lucky Anita!!!

Paloma said...

aren't post with pretty pictures the best?!?!
thanks for sharing your cooking secret.

Sarah Craig said...

Those pincushions are adorable - tutorial, please???

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