Friday, 27 August 2010

quilting along...

With Fat Quarterly. Would you like to join in?

The requirements list and more details can be found here.

(Gwen's giveaway is still going on - find details here)


quiltygal said...

Ohhhh I'd love to but I think I might be a bit too busy over the next few weeks!! next time :)

trash said...

I am blaming you you know. As soon as I read your title I started singing 'Oh we're quilting along, I wonder where we're going.Oh we're quilting along I wonder where we'll go. Do you know Bits? Do you know Bobs? Well if I don't know and you don't know, do YOU know?'

(Please tell me Ginge still occasionally watches CBeebies and that I have not just appeared a complete charlie)

sew katie did said...

Wish I could, no time. I need to write you...been too long.

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