Wednesday, 13 October 2010

quilt along - more details

Well, phew, I'm glad there are some of you crazy enough to join me in my scrap quilt along. It's possible we need a less offensive name than scrap vomit - but let me explain that a little better. I'm using any old scraps, the uglier the better. The sort that you would burn rather than add them into a quilt. My theory is that the uglier the scraps the more interesting the quilt. As a general rule we are all drawn towards particular fabrics, and if you hunt in your stash you'll find most of your fabrics, or at least a big chunk of them, follow similar themes. If I cut pieces from every fabric in my stash I'm sure I'd end up with a lovely quilt, but it wouldn't have that zing that a true scrap quilt has - there'd be a safe element to it. So I've been hunting for ugly scraps. I even swapped out some fancy fabrics for ugly scraps - and there are some absolute horrors. Fabrics with flames on, for example and realistic animals. I don't have any clowns, which I'm a bit sad about because I think it'd be nice to have a few scary clown faces hiding in the blocks. So, scrap vomit - like the most disgusting mess of fabrics chucked up on a table. Somehow it looks beautiful put together.

I first saw this quilt, or a version of it here. It was in American Patchwork and Quilting back in 2002 (which I have). The instructions were for smaller squares (1.75 inches cut), and it was strip pieced (there was a pattern for piecing squares as well). I don't care for strip piecing. I like little squares. So I've changed the pattern a bit, lost one of the rings of solids and made the cut squares 2.5 inch. Partly to save time and partly to make it a little bit easier. I've got a 2.5 inch ruler so it makes cutting squares super simple. And jelly rolls are 2.5 inches, so I've got plenty of left over bits from jelly rolls in my scrap bin.

I'll post the instructions for block A (the scraps only block at the bottom of this post) in a week. And then leave you get on with piecing those blocks.
There's no rush to get done, we have only 2 different blocks to make, so make them when you can, take your time. This could easily be a long term project, just add to it as your scrap bin grows.

It's not a difficult quilt, you are only piecing squares, so a beginner could do it. But it's tedious. I will tell you that.

However, once you're done and you've made something beautiful out of something quite 'useless' won't you be super smug and proud?

For those of you in the US wanting to order solids try Simply Solid on etsy. The blue I'm using is Kona Peacock. The black is actually a bed sheet from Ikea that I had lying around.
For UK folks head to Simply Solids and ask Mandy for help picking out some colours. She's very helpful - you won't regret going to her!

You'll find all the ingredients and what you need to order on the first blog post here.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've got some ugly fabric. This will be a good way to use them up. Thanks for showing this quilt. I'll be following along.

Leila said...

sorry but I only see pretty fantastic scraps here!

{30 seconds staring later...}

oh no, on closer inspection I do see some vomit he he!
Is that the trick mixing up some pretties with the uglies?
I'm trying to use up some scraps making string blocks and I was wondering if I should chuck some of my ugly fabric in there or not. After seeing this I think I will. I've got some horrible ones burried deep in my closet, no clowns though. I feel like I need some clowns now, see what you've done! :D

Kaye Prince said...

Hmmmm, I dunno if I'd class FMF as "ugly fabric" Katy! Sacrilege! Hehe ;)

Des said...

It's so awesome Katy!!! i'll be watching and wishing.

It is a bit hard to see the vomit through the trees.

Shellie said...

sounds like fun - wishing I could join in. Next time for sure :)

Sudi-Laura said...

Seriously? Can you stop adding more quilts to my list? I cannot resist a quilt a long with you, but I am kicking myself for not cutting more 2.5 inch blocks when I was getting your package together :-) I'm sure I can find enough scraps in one bin to make this quilt 4 times over. So, I'm in! * stomps foot like a certain 4 year old that lives with me*

traceyjay said...

I'm not seein' any ugly fabrics in there... just sayin'

(great design... I think I'll be joining in)

Lorraine said...

Katy , I'm on hols for the next 3 weeks . So I'll be slow to start.
This project will be excellent for using up all those left over jelly rolls :-))

AnnieB said...

gorgeous!!! (hello stranger - glad to see you've not let up on the crafting at least - unlike your long lost buddie here!)

Margaret T. Zenk said...

i don't need to ask for permission - i think- but i may do this in 2 inch cuts using fusible interfacing with grid marks on it for the blocks. anyone else thinking along these lines?

alexia said...

Oh I lOVE this! I'm in for sure. I have so many worthy vintage pieces...sometimes you just have to buy vintage fabric for it's weird factor!
By the way, if you still need them I'd send you some vintage clowns ;) ha

Charity said...

Quilts like this one remind me of my grandmothers quilts. Her's were never as organized as ours are today. She used whatever was on hand, and we enjoyied the warmth. I'm drawn to scrapy quilts like this. I'm really tempted to join you. But I know I allready have alot on my plate. Maybe??? maybe???

Hoola Tallulah said...

awwws, I wish I had my fabric with me :( I want to play.... BOOOOO

Concha said...

Oh my goodness... ugly fabric?? What a terrific idea! Most of the scrappy old quilts have pretty hideous fabrics on closer inspection. So I guess your idea works! (and you're very brave too)

contented caroline said...

Well I think it looks lovely, not scrap vomitty at all (should such a word exist). Found your blog from Mary Emmens blog. I know what you mean though your quilt does look interesting, kitsch, cute and wonderful - mine would be boring as i just don't have interesting scraps - just "safe" fabrics full of my favourites, polka dots and stripes but nothing "kookie" if that is the right word. I can feel an "ugly scrap fabric swap" coming on!!!

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