Wednesday, 17 November 2010

and the winner is....

I couldn't pick a winner. I tried but all of the entries were too good. So Mr Random.Org did the honours for me and he chose number 138 who is......drum roll......


From now on Scrap Vomit will be known as Technicolour Yawn. Which I actually really like. It's technicolour for sure. And sewing all those little squares together is certainly Yawnsome.
Sarah, shoot me an email and let me know where to send your goodies.

Shall we have a look at some of the Technicolour Yawn quilts in progress?

Jane usually hand sews everything, but went on holiday to her mum's and took her squares with her to machine some....

Holiday sewing

Fiona has made a start....

1st block for Scrap Vomit quilt along

as has Melanie...

Scrap vomit

Courtney has been storming along and is now onto the B blocks....

my scrap vomit

Plus we have 2 overachievers...

Cherie is almost done.

and Williamsj9 (sorry - I don't know your 'real' name!) has a top all done and dusted (click on the link to see a pic). Whoo!

GREAT work from everyone - I love them all so much!

I'm so behind on everything this week - little Ginge has been off school for 2 days thanks to an upset stomach and I've only managed a bit of hand sewing in front of the TV with him. I try to sneak off to the sewing machine but get shot a look that says 'oh no you don't, mother dear'. *sigh* On the plus side - hubs is out tonight so I'm squeezing in some technicolour yawn blocks and I'll show you my progress later this week.


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