Monday, 15 November 2010

an oopsie

LuAnn ever so kindly pointed out that I'd made a booboo with the amount of yardage you needed for the solids in the quilt along - I'd put inches when I meant strips so go and check out the amended post here and please accept my apologies for being such a dorkus. Feel free to hurl abuse at me - I can take it. I'm slapping myself as we speak for being a dumb ass!!!!


Trash said...

Dumb Ass.

Lee Ann said...

everyone makes mistakes. Give yourself a break. :-)

Mandalin said...

put your hands in your pockets, you daft woman!!

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

I was going to write a translation of an appropriate Dutch saying here and now I just noticed it's also known in English: One should look a gift horse in the mouth! I'm sure no one is terribly upset about this (except you maybe). x

Griffin said...

Inches, shminches... fuhgeddaboudit! You're still an ace quilter whether in inches or strips. So there!

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