Monday, 6 December 2010

Fat Quarterly

Fat Geese on a fountain

Stuck for last minute gift ideas for Christmas? (fair enough - that quilt might be a little ambitious to make in time, but it is just one block repeated over and over)

doll 15

Still thinking of gifts to make?

hex bathmat close

Haven't bought a copy of Fat Quarterly yet because you're not sure what's inside? Click here and scroll down to see all of the issues so far, and use our new flip thru feature to check out the projects.


Cara said...

The quilt is gorgeous!

Jill said...

Seconding Cara, the quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors!

Mrs Jelly said...

Hey up chuck!
Long time no speak.
I've given up the sewing malarkey and am selling off a TON of stuff in a shop on ebay ... including some pink Heather Bailey camper van fabric!!
I'd be ever so grateful if you could point your crafty readers in my direction as it's all got to go!

(PS - I have embarked on a new venture ....

Big hugs

potterjotter said...

Just the colours to brighten up this dark cold winter we're having. Beautiful!

TopCat76 said...

I love the Merrylegs dolly - have now made 2, one girly one and Christmassy one with an elf face, thanks so much for a great pattern!!
Tracey x

write my essay said...

very beautiful!

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