Thursday, 13 January 2011

finally, some sunshine

on my desk today

I have a love-hate relationship with Winter. I love the look of snowy landscapes and being able to wear coats and scarves, but the lack of light gets me down. I dream of a day that I can fly South for the Winter, when the kids are grown up and I'm a wealthy empty nester (a girl can dream, ok?)
But today the sun is streaming through the windows, warming my back as I sew secret stuff that I can't share with you until later this year. It feels like most of my sewing right now is secret stuff.

The ritz crackers are my guilty pleasure. Someone take them away from me - I will seriously eat the whole box.

I LOVED reading all the comments from my last blog post. Some of them really made me laugh out loud. We are all such terrible hoarders and habitual fabric stashers.
I'm doing really well so far - I have saved myself $54.50 by not buying some Tammis Keefe and a Lauren Child Liberty print tana lawn. I've used up a huge piece of Kona in some dark sludgy green colour that I don't remember buying or why I bought it to back a quilt (yep, one of those secret projects - you can see it up there in the pic. Kind of). I'd have never considered using that green to back a quilt made from Anna Maria Horner prints but it sorta works, somehow. So the challenge is good, it's quite fun and I have a feeling I might learn something this year trying to look outside the box a little more which will ultimately mean I buy better and hopefully make better choices, which in turn will lead to better quilts. Maybe. I hope so, at least. I also deliberately avoided using up more obvious backing fabrics just on case I need them later in the year when the stocks are getting low.


alobsiger said...

OK, I need a new rule for your non-fabric buying. You can't tell us what you were going to buy. Because I didn't know there was such a thing as a Lauren Child Liberty print. Ack! I did, however, order some of the Tammis Keefe this morning, but that had nothing to do with you. By the way, do you need any more of the older AMH prints?

Apryl said...

thats great Katy... I was wondering if you should have a fabric party... or maybe that's just something in my head a real life get together where everyone brings some fq's and swaps them... like a clothing party or the book swap party I plan to do but haven't organized yet. perhaps raise a bit of money for charity at the same time? just typing my thoughts out loud...or something.

Sudi-Laura said...

I have just avoided seeing what is new in the world of fabric. I threw away the Hancocks magazine without even opening the first page. I have no control when tempted. As for the Ritz...we have about 6 boxes in the house at all times. Regular ones for The Shmoo, and reduced fat for my Heart healthy husband. I cannot eat just one, so I stay far, far way from them:-) I cannot wait to see all of your secret projects!

Poppyprint said...

Yay for sun! Yay for using unnamed sludgey green fabric! Yay for saving money on fabric (you really should have bought) but didn't!

Char said...

I have that same dream. Lol Well I'll be an empty nester soon as my only daughter heads off to college in September, but wealthy? I don't see that happening! Unless of course, I sell my stash!

highwaycottage said...

Well, I'm not sure i could have resisted the Lauren Child print. I'm with alobsiger - please don't tell us about gorgeous things that you were going to buy, it's too hard to resist.

I'v finshed one top off my WIP list,so I'm very happy.

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