Monday, 14 February 2011

single girl quilt along {part 1}

Are you ready?
Shall we make a start?

What you'll need;
your fabrics - pressed (& starched, if you're that way inclined)
your prepared templates
a pencil/quilt marker
sharp fabric scissors

::Ring Fabrics::
Cut your fabrics into 3 1/2 inch strips and lay them right sides up. It is helpful to lay them in ring order so you know which fabric should be used for which template. You can also stack up 3 or 4 layers of fabric together to speed through the cutting process.

Take your relevant template piece and lay RIGHT SIDES UP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE FABRIC trace round the template, turn it 180 degrees and trace it again. Continue for every template and all your fabrics. (Refer to the pattern for the number of pieces per template - I cut 9 pieces per template because I am making 9 blocks)

tracing templates

Cut out all your pieces using scissors whilst watching TV and drinking wine (optional). You can use a rotary cutter and ruler, but the bottoms of the templates curve ever so slightly, so it's easier to use scissors.

snip snip snip

Keeping all your pieces together is key to a successful single girl quilt. I used envelopes, and popped the template and fabrics into each envelope marked with it's letter. You could use baggies, or plastic boxes. Anything that keeps each set of fabrics separate and tidy.


::Background Fabrics::
I pre-washed my background fabric because it was so dark. Because of this it shrunk a little and I couldn't follow the instructions from the pattern in the same way.
Denyse's pattern suggests to fold the fabric selvedge-to-selvedge and mark the pieces close together. I had to wiggle my templates round a bit and have a play with what fitted best - I'd suggest you do the same, just in case you get carried away and cut out all your pieces...but then realise you're a couple of bits short and have no more background fabric left.

When marking your fabric instead of using a regular straight pencil line, use a broken line. This puts less pressure on the fabric and doesn't distort it as much.

On the straight edges of the templates you can add on an extra 1/4 or 1/2 inch to make trimming and squaring up easier later on. I tried a block with both the extra and without and didn't find a preference. It's up to you.

tracing the background

TIP :: when you cut out your background pieces, use a ruler and rotary cutter for all the straight lines and scissors for the curves. It makes for straighter blocks and saves you a heap of time.

background pieces

And you're set and ready to go!

(I haven't cut out my border pieces yet - if you want to do this whilst you're cutting everything else follow the instructions on page 6 of the Single Girl pattern.)

Don't forget to upload any pics of your process to the Single Girl Support Group and just holler if you need any help - we now have just over 200 members, so that's a lot of support!

Ready? Let's get cutting!!!!

Megan wil be hosting the next step - piecing the rings, on February 21st. The rest of the schedule is below....

21st February - Megan's blog - piecing rings
28th February - Nova's blog - sewing the curves
7th March - my blog - assembly
14th March - Nova's blog - marking the quilting design and hand quilting
21st March - everyone's blog - wrap it up!


trash said...

Cold sweats and shakes are just starting. Hyperventilating comes next. And I am only doing one block!

rderrett said...

My fabric so far are in the washing machine and I'm so glad I've washed my background. It's shed dye but I was expecting that as it is a deep colour. More fabric for the rings coming tomorrow and then the last lot from the US by months end. All I can say is that it is bright!!!

Oddly enough, I'm not scared of the cutting......

Justine said...

I'm a tad scared now... do I bite the bullet and make a twin for little lady's bed or just a cushion.....ahhhh decisions decisions.

Paloma said...

Yay!! How exciting!! I've been patiently waiting for this day, so that I won't mess up... This is going to be such a fun project. Thanks for the instructions, you make it sound so easy. I'm starting today!!

Cara said...

OMG I cannot wait for my pattern to get here! Yay! Although still a little nervous about curved piecing...well that's why the support group was started right?
Thanks for a great start!

Elizabeth D. said...

Thank you for the thorough instructions! I read the pattern again over the weekend and was totally confused, so thank you for making this seem less confusing! I'm going to give cutting a go during naptime today, see how it goes. And thanks for the scissors tip, I will definitely go that route, too!

Terri said...

Thank you Katy, I am excited to start cutting today :)

debra said...

i am so looking forward to this and relieved there is a week in between each step.
Thanks so much for the help :)

euphoria said...

the cutting stinks.... did some of it last night while watching Anchorman yesterday... Love that movie, but my hand hurts! LOL

Nova said...

yippee! happy cutting all you single gal quilt alongers! x

Mandalin said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Danielle said...

Got all of the ring pieces cut! So, I figure for a twin, 12 blocks, 32 pieces each block = 384 pieces! Exciting ;-)

Still need to cut the background, after I finally decide which one! thanks so much for the directions!

littlebluecottage said...

Spent the evening with all things single girl with other girls at the shop. SO FUN!! Thanks for your incredibly clear pictures and instructions.Tina

grann616 said...

I just found this blog! Where do I get the templates? Sharon @

elfqueenof5 said...

Well I have cut out my pieces- I am making a twin and a queen with the same fabric, but different backgrounds. Haven't gotten my background fabric yet. White for the queen and green for the twin! I am leaving the country on Thurs. until the 27th, so I will have to catch up then! I can't wait! It was a lot of work to cut out all those pieces!

Colette said...

Admittedly I am hesitant to cut my background pieces...I am using a gorgeous (but pricey) Japanese linen for the background (I am only making a pillow) and can't decide to wether to add 1/4", 1/2", or nothing to the straight edges. Yikes!!! Really, which do you prefer?

Heather said...

I've got A-H cut out, it's lots of fun! I am gearing up to cutting out the rest, it takes some time to trace the pieces :) Thank you for doing this, you are awesome.

ladybugquilting said...

Pattern has arrived today!
Soooo Behind everyone else....
Will do my best to catch up

ihavemommybrain said...

You are all awesome. Thanks for this, need some inspiration as my little colicky one is sleeping. Aaaaahhhh fabric and quilting keep me sane.

Kristen said...

You guys are great!!! I'm cutting the background pieces now. Do you flip the background template at any point? Or do you rotate it around to trace? Flipping it yields a different curve so I am at a loss at what to do. Help! I thought you were suppose to rotate it 90 degrees?

koubkovi said...

I just discovered your Single Girl Quilt Along - and love it. Where can I download the pattern????

Angela O. said...

I just joined the party and am thankful for your advice! Looking forward to it all!

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