Monday, 28 March 2011

the home stretch

Single Girl Quilt Along ~ almost there :)

Once upon a time there were three friends who each thought it'd be a fun idea to host a single girl quilt quiltalong. But they wanted to do it together, holding hands across the oceans and have each other for support and chats. One of those friends had already made 2 single girl quilts (because she is actually a super hero), so she was an expert already. The second friend was growing increasingly larger around the middle by the day, because she was pregnant with baby number 2 (and obviously had her brain pickled by hormones when she thought it would be a good idea to start a single girl quilt). And the third friend was me, who despite an ever increasing pile of unfinished projects was determined to start another (because I am clearly not right in the head).
The intrepid 3; Nova, Megan and Katy (that's me) set off on their journey and hoped a few people might join them. Maybe 20 or 30 if they were really lucky. Their flickr group (the single girl support group) started filling up. Soon there were 263 members. 263! And the occasional odd ball that had signed up to a single girl support group thinking it might be something other than quilting (poor chickens, we had to let them down gently and free them to hunt for true love elsewhere).
The support group did exactly as it said on the box - offered support, ideas, help and love for all the single girls and some of them were a bit better organised than the hosts themselves and managed to finish king sized and queen sized quilt tops. (The mosaic at the top of the post shows some of the almost finished quilts in the flickr pool).

And mine is.........

.....still in bits. But in all honesty I don't want it to end, the quiltalong has had an amazing response from everyone. I'll still be checking in and following everyone's progress. I still need to finish my own quilt so no excuses!

in bits

And as for our intrepid trio? We'll be back, I'm pretty darn sure there'll be a quiltalong part 2. Just watch this space!

Thank you to every single person that signed up and quilted along with us. It's been amazing, you are amazing.

If you want to catch up on the previous posts they are all listed below;

Part one (marking and cutting fabrics) - Katy
Part two (piecing the arcs) - Megan
Part three (sewing curves) - Nova
Part four (assembly) - Katy
Part 5 (hand quilting) - Nova

And you can sign up to the support group here.


karmucaycuquino said...

que bonitos, me encanta este tipo de maualidad enhora buena por tu blog

Justine said...

Katy Katy Katy, at least yours is started - I'm still cutting out!!!

Trash said...

It has been great fun.

(hahaha, I say that like I have finished or something. HA!)

Megan said...

Oh thank god you're posting a picture of yours in bits too. I'm writing my post for the late rising west coast crowd, feeling shameful at my lack of progress. But as you say, we will get it done in the end!

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

oh how fantastic is that!! I wanted to get involved too, but I just had too much on my plate ...

How great that you've posted all the links so we can all still quiltalong in a different timezone !!

Thank you :)

Nova said...

you're on the home straight Katy x it's looking fab just hanging around your crafty space though:)

It's been so much fun & count me in for quilt along part 2 :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

Even though mine are still in their respective little envelopes, I DO plan on completing this quiltalong. I love seeing what everyone else is up to!

Molly said...

It's been great fun watching your quilt-along. I really wanted to make one too, but I had better just watch for now. My current quilt is taking all my time. Then there's another planned for after that... Maybe there's room after that one. :) They're all so beautiful.

sewkatiedid said...

You've done well. I did one block years ago and thought it too fussy to move on to more.

Eileen said...

Thank you for the fabulous quilt along! I enjoyed it so much! I'm hand stitching, so I'll be checking in and cheering on! Count me IN for quilt along 2! :)

Lexilooo said...

I wanted to take part, but have about a zillion other projects going on right, round two for me!

erum said...

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Nikki said...

Hello! It is July and I have just found this group and this quilt, which kind of knocks my socks off!! I am trying to figure out where you get the actual pattern for the Single Girl Quilt, and then I can hopefully follow all your links and make my own!
Sorry to be so late to the party!!!
Thanks for your help.

Megan Frock said...

I started on this quilt a while back. Cut all the pieces and finished 2 blocks but they don't lay very flat. Is there a trick? I got frustrated and it has been in the closet for a few months. Your pics make me wanna drag it back out!

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