Sunday, 17 April 2011

sunday stash

liberty prints from the husbeast

It's been a while since I did a sunday stash. Because of stashpact I try not to look at other peoples' stash pics. It tempts me and then I have to beat myself with a willow stick to rid my brain of the delicious images.
However - stashpact seems to be failing a little this month, I have just bought myself a box full of stuff that is zooming it's way here right now. I've decided to give up stashpact for lent. Or something like that.
But I'll be back on that wagon and showing restraint soon enough.

Anyhoo. Technically this is not a break of the stashpact because my incredibly well trained husbeast was in the big smoke last week and came home with a 'Worn and Washed' roll of liberty prints (I don't think these have been worn, or washed though...).  These rolls are great, you get 10 full (52") width strips of fabric that vary in size, around 2metres total. Kind of pricey (£49) but a nice way to get a selection of fabrics within a colour theme. Especially nice as a gift (to yourself!). You can check out the Worn and Washed website here.

Speaking of stashpact. I've been trying to use up bits and pieces I have lying around and make an effort to get rid of some of the orphan blocks I have lying round. I made a lacklustre start on an asterisk quilt, soon realising that I probably wasn't going to finish it because it wasn't thrilling me enough. I think I chose the wrong fabrics - flower sugar is gorgeous, but in all honestly, too pretty for me in this pattern. I like it more random patchy - more English country cottage, Cath Kidston style.

flower sugar pillow

So the orphan blocks were sewn together, quilted densely with straight lines all over and turned into a standard size bed pillow. The sham was a bit too big for the pillow and sagged a little too much around the edges (hey, don't we all?) so I made it into an 'oxford' style and now it fits perfectly, and looks rather lovely.

Have you entered the giveaway yet? Head on over......right here.....I'll announce a winner Monday (18th). Speaking of giveaways - have you entered the Sarah Fielke giveaway over on Fat Quarterly? Why ever not?! You could win a copy of her new book (which is amazing). Kate is also having a giveaway for 8 FQs of Sarah's fabric over on her blog. So you should head there as well, shouldn't you?  Go on - off you go. Away with you......


Andi said...

Pillow looks gorgeous!!
And that Liberty .... so tempting!!!
Alas, I have SERIOUSLY overspent this month (on fabric of course) so Liberty is a bit out of the question.

Mary said...

Great use of orphan blocks! I love it!

Linda said...

I'm not a fan of asterisk blocks but I have to say I love the ones you have made. The colours are lovely and the finished pillow is super.

Jackie said...

I loved reading you gave up stashpact for Lent! :)

insearchofmyfigure said...

Husbands are wonderful aren't they?? I got one of those Liberty bundles in browns for Christmas two years ago (still haven't cut into it though), although lucky me got two as the silly man in the shop put two into husband's bag on a busy shopping day but only charged him for one! R only discovered the mistake when he came to wrap them up! Luckily for me... ;o)

Sudi-Laura said...

Liberty is on my MUST for next week, and the washed and worn looks like it might be just what I need!!!

Lexilooo said...

cute little pillow!

Christina said...

What a great husband! I love these prints and the colors. I especially love that for Lent your giving up not buying fabric. Too funny.

Des said...

Ack!! That pillow's cute!!!

Indigo Blue said...

What a lovely cushion!!The colours are great.

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