Sunday, 24 April 2011

sunday stash

sunday stash

Oops. I went shopping.

I can totally justify myself though - the solids (klona cottons from Alice at backstitch) are part of my allowed fabrics so I'm not breaking stashpact rules there. The habitat (from Kathy at Pink Chalk) I will justify thus - Jay Mccarroll's line won Modern Madness over on the Fat Quarterly blog. I didn't own a single scrap. It seemed incredibly wrong. I have rectified it. There may be more on it's way from a different Cathy. Just saying.....

In other news - I've started a group on flickr for the scrap vomit/technicolur yawn quilt. A few people have mentioned they'd like to make one so I figured a group might be a good idea (actually, Nicole told me to do it). Maybe you'd like to come and join too? Just pop over. We'll have a cuppa and chat scraps. Everyone is welcome. It's a great long term quilt project, you can make a block every now and then and before you know it you'll have a quilt.
Once I get Quilt Market out of the way I thought about organising a squares swap or block swap or something. Whatever the cool kids in the group fancy.


Trash said...

Oh how the addicted make their justifications!

Lisa said...

I don't know how I don't own any Habitat yet....just awesome!

Mandalin said...

Fabulous idea about the scrap vomit quilt! I've had v.positive response at home to the ones I've just made.

rachelmp said...

Sometimes you just need to add a little tiny bit to the stash. I'm at that point now Sherbet Pips is finally here. Goodbye stash diet!

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