Sunday, 29 May 2011

ah, back to my old self

Blogging sporadically and generally chasing my tail. Well, nothing new there then.

I started writing a post on Quilt Market and how awesome it is and everything...but I decided you would probably be bored of Market news now (am I right?)

Instead I'll show you what I'm doing right now...which is kind of market related.

I've been playing with the lazy angle ruler. Oh oh oh oh, it's such a fun ruler - really, you need one. It's great. Buy it and buy a kaleidoscope ruler as well because they're fun too. And whilst you're in the ruler buying mood, buy a couple of wedge rulers - because a girl (or boy) can't have enough wedge rulers. That's my tip of the week. And, if you never use them, it's ok - just put some nails in your wall and hang them off them and you can look like you're a serious quilter.

little apples firecracker quilt wip

So, I've been using some of Aneela's new (out this fall) range for Moda called 'little apples' and (using my lazy angle ruler) I've made a quilt from Julie's pattern called 'firecracker'. I'm going to big pimp this pattern now - almost too much. So if you don't want to hear me big pimping - turn away now.
This is the first quilt I've made using any of Julie's patterns and I was sure I was missing something with the instructions because everything was going so well I was bound to have skipped a step or missed a page or something. Nope. It's actually really that well written. So well written and so clear that the quilt is a complete breeze to make.
I did all my cutting in an evening and I've now assembled all the blocks and I'm halfway through sewing the rows together. Real life got in the way. Dammit. I'll be finishing a load more of it this evening though, right after I step off here.
Julie has another pattern that is kind of similar to the firecracker but looks more flowery or pinwheel-ish called Carnival. If you're going to invest in a lazy angle ruler then go buy one of these 2 patterns. You don't need the ruler, there are templates to trace instead, but it's a fun ruler and it's a fun quilt and it's FAST. Even with all the cutting. You can pick up the patterns from the stores listed here.
Because I only had a fat eighth bundle of little apples and not any yardage I'm going to have to make a scrappy border, but I think that'll look just great.

Whilst I was in Salt Lake City I also met up with flickr friend, Pam who had made me blocks for scrap vomit part deux. Pam's friend Pauline had made me a block too. I love these people. I'm not even kidding - seriously, SVPD (as I shall abbreviate it) is going to be the quilt I pass down to my children's children (if they give me grandkids - which I hope they do) and it'll be the quilt I talk about every Sunday when they all come over for lunch. So much so that people will stop coming over for lunch in case I get 'that quilt' out again and tell everyone abut how in the olden days these amazing people from all around the world made me blocks for my quilt using their own scraps and how these blocks and little snippets of peoples' lives have become my most treasured possession. Plus, whenever I read anything bitchy or mean (which, let's face it, has been kind of normal these days in blogland) I can remind myself that the community I am part of is a great one and my blood will stop boiling, I'll click off the negative comment blog and back into my happy world where people are kind and generous and genuinely good people.

Here's Pam and me with my partner in all things naughty, Heather...(I pinched the pic from Pam because I don't have one of us together)

Heather, me and Katy

And here is my precious SVPD quilt growing....

scrap vomit part deux grows

I have to also say an amazingly massive thank you to Ruth for the blocks and squares she sent me. You can see some of them in the pic there. Ruth is a bit of a legend, well, she is to me. I'm sure she is to other people too. She does the diagrams for Rowan books. She makes Kaffe's quilts easy to comprehend. Legend? Yep. I told you so. Did you ever make a half hexagon quilt from Aneela's quilt along? Ruth did the half hex template for you if you did. Isn't she lovely? Yes, she is.


**nicke... said...

i sure love the svpd! it is beautiful! i've got to get myself some rulers...stat!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great what you made with Julie's pattern and Aneela's fabric!
And love the photo of you, Pam and Heather! Wish I could have joined you guys!

Mama Spark said...

You are so cute! It was me who was excited to get the chance to meet up with YOU! Let me know if you want more blocks and I will try to whip up a few more. I am thinking that I just may have to make this quilt for the same reasons you are loving making yours. I think it could very well end up being "that quilt"! I will have to review your directions. I am interested in those rulers too.

Poppyprint said...

Both of those quilts are going to be aces! I agree - the lazy angle ruler is fabulous, I just haven't picked it up in the 5 or 6 years since I took a class learning how to use it. There are lots of great blocks you can make with it - I know that because there are pictures of them on the ruler packaging.

Heather said...

pam's the cat's meow!

not to mention; aneela, juie and you... sweetness!

ps... i think you're going to win! ;P

Jodie said...

hmm, my blood has been boiling of late as well..
I'm just a wee bit over the whole bad manners thing...but that quilt is going to go down in history...

ladybugquilting said...

I played with my Lazy ruler Yesterday!!!!
I Love it...I started doing Julie's Unwind pattern then it morphed into a completely different Quilt when I started playing with the blocks.So now I have to pick which way it will go together.
Like I said I'm in love!

Ruthdesigns said...

Aww, you say the sweetest things! I'm really not ledgendary (except in the wrinkly troll under the bridge sense).. I'm just the luckiest person you know, I get to see all Kaffe's new quilts before you do and get to draw them too! What a perfect job, mixing hobby with job.

I've started a hex over papers quilt, can't believe I'm doing it really but I needed something to do and keep me calm while sitting at the hospital at my father-in-law's bedside as he slipped away from the evil cancer. He's gone and at peace now, plus I have a great pile of hexys.

While prepping the fabric for hexys I have developed the habit of trimming the trimmings to 2.5in and cutting squares, I have a tin where I'm storing them and may well join in your SV habit for mayself, it was such fun doing your blocks, I am sure it is contageous.

I like the look of your new quilt and will have to get one of those rulers.. I'm a sucker for a gadget!

Ruth xx

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i'm loving your version of firecracker with little apples!! ...scrappy border should be interesting... i was thinking red hmm! :-)

amy smart said...

The Firecracker/Lazy Apples combination is fab. And yes, I need to get this ruler, if only to hang on my wall.

Your SCPD quilt is probably one of my all time favorites. (Sorry to get so repetitive on this point.) I think I will shamelessly copy it one of these days - perhaps if I ever join a bee again . . .hmm.

And (sorry, long comment here) you and Heather are delightful partners in crime. I still feel giddy that I got to witness you two in real life finally.

Lesly said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my kaleido ruler tutorial! I wondered where all the traffic was coming from all of a sudden. I made my Naked Bed Challenge quilt with that ruler and Denyse Schmidt Greenfield Hill:

sew katie did said...

I like the colors in the angled ruler quilt. That will be fun. You're postage stamp are great. What's your plan?

aneela said...

How the heck did I miss this???
'tis super duper missus.

And I agree about Pam, one of the nicest peeps I met at market (and the competition is pretty stiff there).

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