Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bella Solids Parade - Expert's Picks day 4 (raspberry)

I hope you're having fun checking out all the fabric combinations with me!

Don't forget to visit Shruti and play along yourself.

The colour of the day is raspberry (140)


As soon as I saw this one I knew exactly what I was going to choose. It was the easiest of the lot!

raspberry co-ordinates

Solids in snow, butterscotch and baby pink. All the prints are from Aneela's Sherbet Pips - pink lemonade puppy dog tails, vanilla ice cream scoot and scooter grey scarf. So sweet they make my teeth ache! Yes, I know I totally played it safe with this combo, but Aneela's pips are great fun, they're beautiful and she's my friend - so I'm going to stick with my choices! I really love how the butterscotch pops with the blond haired scooting kids.

Technically I'm back home now - I guess I'm tired, I might be sleeping...I'll sneak in a quick hi as soon as I get out of my lazy jet lagged bed!!!


Molly said...

Now, this is how you put together some fabrics! Variety. Some solids, prints of various scale, graphics. More quilt makers need to visit this theory of fabric choices. Thanks.

Patchwork and Play said...

I was looking for a solid to match up with my Pips- and Butterscotch is perfect! Thank you!!!

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