Monday, 9 May 2011

want to play a game?

Think Salt Lake City, and you will most likely think of Donny and Marie; or is that just me? This weekend, however, things are gonna change, Katy (that's me!) & (my friend) Thomas are hitting town.

want to play a game?

Thomas had the fun idea of playing scavenger hunt whilst at Market. Want to play? Here's your list.....
1. Someone whose blog you follow
2. Mormon Tabernacle Choir (yes - that's a tough one. Something that looks choir-ish would suffice)
3. A stack of fabric at least a metre high (or 3 feet/yard for those in imperial lands) 
4. The end of the line for Sample Spree
5. Someone carrying at least 4 cups of coffee
6. The most insane quilt at Market
7. The most gorgeous new collection to come out at Market
8. A book being signed
9. A dodgy looking tangle of extension cords at Market
10. Someone napping at Market
11. At least one Daquiri (honestly I have no clue what a Daquiri looks like - fancy and cocktail-ish with a cherry in it, I guess?)
12. The singularly most over-the-top outfit at Market
13. The crowd at a Schoolhouse session

So, how does this Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt work? Well, if you're in SLC for Quilt Market keep your eyes out for everything on the list, and when you find things just snap a picture. Then, when you get home post those pics to your blog, Flickr account, or wherever it is that you share pics online. Then, email me (or Thomas) a list of URLs for your Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt entry. Easy-Peasy! *EDITED TO ADD, A MOSAIC OF PICS WITH ONE URL WOULD BE EVEN BETTER!*

And don't worry if you aren't going to Quilt Market, you can play along too. After Quilt Market just start hunting through the Blogosphere and Twitterverse for photos. Find as many as you can, and email me (or Thomas) your entry.

The winner will be drawn randomly from all the entries, and we will be putting together a special Quilt Market prize package for the winner. No need to email your entry to both of us 'cause we'll be pooling the entries before letting Mr Random.Org select the winner. 

I think that covers just about everything. Quilt Market: check. Scavenger hunt: check. Photos: check. How to enter if you aren't coming to Market: check...

Oh, one last thing: just to keep everybody honest, you have to find at least half the things on the list to enter; it is a scavenger hunt after all (fair enough - some of those things might be trickier to find than others!)

Also - I might add, there's special Katy only bonus entries if you spot a real life Osmond, and tweet me right away so I can go chase it down.

So, happy Market everybody! Let's go hunting!!!

ps- Thomas has a collection of fabrics (his very first) coming out this Fall, and you can check them out (in paper form at least) at the Andover booth - #800.

I don't have any fabrics or books or anything I can plug - but if you go to the Sis Boom schoolhouse you can say hello to my quilt.

Need my email? It's katy (at) fatquarterly dot com

Happy hunting! 


Trash said...

Ooooo! Attending Quilt Market vicariously. Yay!

Colleen said...

Could we just make a mosaic? It would be easier for you to check and only one url.

Candi said...

What a clever idea. And for some reason I know I'll BE number 10!

Briawna said...

P.S. If you're there on Sunday morning around 9:00 MST, head down the street from the convention center and you'll hit the LDS conference center. The mormon tabernacle choir will be singing there, like they do every sunday morning for their "Music and Spoken Word" performance, which is aired internationally every week. That should check off one item.

I'm a little jealous you get to go to quilt market. Who knew the year I move away from SLC and get really into quilting, they have market there? Grrrr! Have fun.

P.S. If you want a "real live Osmond", most of the second generation (with whom I went to college, aka university) live around there. But marie lives in Provo, an hour south.

Briawna said...

i just realized I have two p.S. comments. Sorry. It's a little early and my brain isn't fully working.

alexia said...

ha! Great idea!!!

Poppyprint said...

Hunt it down. hehe. Watch out Osmonds!

This is a super fun post Katy. I would totally play along if I was going to SLC, I love scavanging!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Hilarious. Perhaps I will... :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm giggling. What a fun game. Wish I could take you to market with me. But this seriously is the next best thing!

Paloma said...

Goodness!! looks like you will be having the best time ever! I'll try to play along... still have to figure out the twitter thingy. Have a great trip!!

Lorri said...

Wiah I was going to market. :(

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