Thursday, 7 July 2011

instant stash anyone? - GONE!

instant stash

I'm being pretty ruthless with my sorting of fabric now I've moved into the studio and I have a heap of stuff I'm unlikely to use.
This is a big bag - it's all in one of the bags you get when you buy from the moda table at quilt market and it's full. It weighs LOADS. I should try and weigh it...but anyways, it's heavy so there's no way I could ship to anywhere other than the UK

instant stash

Most of the pieces are FQ and up - there's a fair bit of yardage of some things too.
Examples are;
Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, Japanese double gauze, kona solids, Katie Jump Rope from Denyse Schmidt, some Far Far Away 2 by Heather Ross, Echino, Parisville, Wonderland by Momo, Sis Boom, Anne Kelle for Kaufman (urban zoology?), Michael Miller, Alexander Henry....and so on.
It's all good stuff, no crap. I promise.

instant stash

If you want it, it's yours - altogether I guess there's hundreds of £££ worth of fabric, but I'd like £150 and that includes postage within the UK. Like I said, it's just way way way too heavy to ship out of the UK. I guess it'll cost £20 to ship within the UK, in a big box.

Send me an email if you're interested -

It's sold! Thank you so much. (There might be more coming this space as I venture into the cupboard that rarely gets opened and see what kinds of treasure...or not...I unearth)

Thanks! (and sorry about the pics - I took them with my phone so they're rubbish!)


rderrett said...

Whimper - i wish I could afford it! that's about four times my entire stash!

Cajame said...

OMG - hope it's snapped up soon. I'm soooo tempted!

The undomesticated scientist said...

I would but there is no where else left in my house to.hide it! Hubby would go insane if i bring any more home!

memmens said...

Oh Katy, I'd love it but have zero funds for fabric - I even made the really stupid mistake of saying to my husband 'why don't I use every piece of fabric before I buy anymore - that would be a lot of things!' funnily enough he thought it was a good idea! Hope someone buys it!

nicole followthewhitebunny said...

Oh my goodness what a great lot! Good thing I don't live in the UK!

Domestic House Kat said...

Ahhhhh wish that I had skived more in work today and gotten round to reading this post earlier. I would have so taken it in an instant.

Will b on the lookout for more posts from you :-p

Poppyprint said...

Oh, it must feel great to get that out the house!!! I'm not ready to let go precious.

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