Sunday, 10 July 2011

wise words

wise words

I need to take heed of this subversive cross stitch. It'll hang on my wall in the (slowly coming together) studio with a little collection of embroidery hoops I'm filling with different bits and bobs and favourite fabrics. I'm not great at cross stitch. I think the problem is I am busy watching TV when I should be counting my stitches. Hence the birds on this little piece are kinda wonky. Still, I'll stop freaking out about it. See, it's working already.

modern log cabin apron sew-along

It's all go in Monkey Towers at the minute. But not a huge amount of sewing, just sorting and tidying and preparing. I've been pulling fabrics to join in with the modern log cabin apron sew along on Fat Quarterly. I was freaking out (oh, there's a surprise) about not having a pillowcase suitable for it, but then, when clearing out my (hideously packed) fabric closet I found this red and blue and white one from Ikea. A few co-ordinating scraps later and I'm all set. I don't have any extra wide pre-made binding tape, nor can I find any, but I'm thinking I'll use that big blue floral (a now discontinued Kaufman print by Piece O' Cake) and make my own waist ties. Because I'm handy like that.

I have a bit more yard sale action going on too....

bag o' scraps

A 1.5 lb bag of green scraps, all nice sizes, all designer fabrics. £15 posted within the UK (£18 to Europe)  GONE

bag o' strings

A bag of skinny strips, strings, small bits and selvedges. Perfect for crazy piecing, or string quilts. Lots of variety of designer prints.  I forgot to weigh it and obviously now I don't have it right next to me to do that (typically), but it's heavier than the green scraps, so I'm guessing it's 2 lbs or more. £15 posted within the UK or £18 to Europe. Email me if you're interested; katyejones at hotmail dot com  GONE

Next week I move my sewing machines and cutting mats over to the studio, so I can actually get some sewing action going on. It is looking really cute in there now, I'll get some photos when I head over next week. Even Snoop Dogg seems to feel chilled in there and sleeps in his bed by my desk for the whole time. I can't even begin to tell you how lovely it feels to have a space of my own.


jednoiglec said...

I would be interested in green scraps (I'll send a mail asap:)

Poppyprint said...

I'm very happy for you - it sounds perfect (still no word on the cappuccino machine tho...what's the holdup?)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

It is great to have a space of one's own. I also love your cross stitch!

Kelli said...

Good for you on the new studio!! My husband keeps threatening to have a room built above our garage so he can put all of my sewing stuff up there and get the office back...a whole room that I don't have to share and can mess up as much as I want?? I may never come back downstairs!!!

Mary said...

Durn.....those green scraps were making me drool!!! I am so envious of your space....I am green :) Can't wait to see pictures of it all dolled up!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I seriously need to cross stitch myself one of those. I almost spit out my juice!

Amy Gibson said...

I need to cross stitch that to the inside of my eyelids, seriously! Well, not really but perhaps one for every room and to hang on the car mirror? Yes.

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