Thursday, 7 July 2011

the yard sale continues....

clothkits and stuffs

First up - I'm sorry I'm doing this twice in one day but I've literally emptied my fabric closet into my kitchen and I have stacks of stuff I really don't need/have any space for.
So up there in the pic there's a clothkits doll kit (with stuffing and everything), plus 2 additional Jane Foster dresses (kits) and a third clothkits dress kit. Plus a doll kit (called Katy - I know, that's me, I always wanted to make her...but never got round to it) by my friend and published author and all round famous lady Amy Adams.  In the olden days, before she was famous, she worked for Coats Crafts designing kits and stuff.

If you're interested in the lot - I won't split it, so please don't ask - email me

I'll ship anywhere, it'll all go in a box so pay me shipping and it's yours - that's it. I guess $30 international, £10 UK will cover it.
GONE!!! Thanks!!!


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