Sunday, 28 August 2011

lazy holiday weekend

here we go again

I actually forgot it was a holiday weekend here. Probably because all my days are currently blurring into one long day of handing money over to Miss G for whatever she happens to be doing that day, taking her places, picking her up, packing a bag for her, dropping her somewhere else, giving more money, shopping for more get the picture? Almost over. One more week of the holidays and sanity will be restored, and I'll once again remember what the day is.

As Miss G will be absent for most of the weekend, and Ginge is easily pleased/entertains himself I've started cutting into some fabrics to make a quick bow tie quilt like Angela's. Except I'm still totally unable to cut my Habitat up and instead I'm using Just Dandy (it's on sale if you click that link to sew mama sew) and Peacock Lane along with a really cool dot by timeless treasures that I got from the Fat Quarter shop with a twitter special 50% off code. Those twitter specials are really good. I find it tough to resist a 50% off coupon. All the squares are cut, my little squares are marked and I'm ready to sew.

I made a realisation this week. Jennifer Paganelli is my go-to fabric when I have to make a gift quilt. This stack is my 4th gift quilt made from Sis Boom. This time I'm using a whole mix of stuff, including the new line, West Indies that I picked up from Lola Pink fabrics. I love them there. Janet always writes a little thank you note in the package and sends hugs to me and Snoop. That kind of personal service is second to none, you don't find that often, do you? The rest of them I picked up on sale from Pink Chalk. Kathy Mack is one of my Quilt Market highlights. I like to shop at places where the people are nice. It makes me happy to spend my money if I know the folks it's going to are super lovely. I think you'd have to go a long way to find someone as genuinely lovely as Kathy is. She has passion and always seems to be so on the ball with her fabric buying. At least, we have crazily similar taste so the fabrics she gets excited about at Market seem to be the same as me. In SLC this Spring we were both getting crazy excited that Kaari Meng is redoing Rouenneries for debut this fall. That is right at the top of my sample spree list. I'll punch people in the face to pick up a stack (ok, I won't but I will be all pointy elbows and I'll fight to get to the front of the line for it). I wouldn't elbow Kathy though. I'd let her take the last bundle, because I know it'd be going to a loving home.

Anyhoo....back to the lovely Jen. There's another person that you couldn't fault - soooo nice. I mean SOOO nice you think she might not really be so nice and at home she pulls the legs of spiders or pokes kittens with knitting needles. And everyone says the same thing 'isn't Jennifer lovely? She's such a great person'. So I am pretty sure she doesn't do the spider leg pulling thing. Her personality is as bright as her fabrics, and when she smiles you can see how genuine she is. No-one can fake a smile as warm as that.

 I'm making a slightly bigger version of this quilt for my mother in law's best friend for Christmas. But I'm using that charm pack for the diamonds.

sis boom party

One day I'll actually make a quilt from Sis Boom for myself. Or my husband, because he LOVES everything Jen does. He's a bit girly, for a big guy. Maybe that's an idea for Christmas? His own Sis Boom quilt. Hmm.....


Archie the wonder dog said...

It's going to be lovely - thanks for the links, I think I'll ask Fr Christmas to visit them for me!

two hippos said...

I'm a huge fan of Jennifer too, the colours are just amazing. Thought of reupholstering my bed with one pattern. Thanks for the links to Lola Pink too, have fun this weekend!

nicole followthewhitebunny said...

I have some of the St Croix (I think that was the name) fabric in my stash and not sure what to do with them at the moment, so I'm very interested to see what you are going to make with these. :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Sis Boom is the best!!! I think the secret to the fabric is the huge amount of love Jennifer puts into it.

anne said...

You have me intrigued with your new quilt design look forward to some piccies. Love the Sis Boom fabbie too and the quilt on flickr is on my to do list. Enjoy.

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