Wednesday, 31 August 2011

so touched

Thank you so much to everyone that has offered to help with the project for Amy. Sarah and I were chatting last night about how overwhelmed we are by the response. Overwhelmed in a good way. Amy is clearly as special to many people as she is to us. Thank you so much to everyone that has emailed. Sarah is wading through the responses and if you haven't heard back from her soon, you will shortly.

If you would like to help also - email Sarah and she will send you the details of the very simple block we would like you to make and donate for our quilted hug to our dear, dear friend.

Quite a few people have also asked about monetary donations. After I received one email from someone yesterday I realised that the cost of any illness in the US, even with good healthcare plans, is crippling. If you would like to help in any small way there is a fund set up here. Every dollar counts and if enough is raised to fund the medical bills the rest will be set aside for a trust for Dan and Amy's daughter. Don't buy that extra FQ of fabric, or that coffee from starbucks today - donate it instead.


Mary Jo said...

does all of the money go to them or does the "fund raiser" take a % ?

Katy said...

Hi Mary Jo,
I believe there is a small admin cost (a few %) that goes to Go Fund Me, but the vast majority will go to Dan's family.

{april two eighty} said...

i'm so excited to help out.. really makes knowing a craft like quilting worth it, ya know? :)

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