Thursday, 6 October 2011

shameful behaviour

I've been too embarrassed to write this post.

I first mentioned this quilt back in March 2010. Some blocks were made by May 2010. I last mentioned progress in December 2010.
Since I promised to make a quilt for my friend Trash for her big birthday a lot has happened (I started Fat Quarterly, I wrote a book, I had a baby got a puppy...those kinds of things). The poor quilt got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. It was ignored. I used excuse after excuse to avoid finishing it off. I'm not entirely sure why, because it was so simple and so fast to come together and now it's all finished I really like how it turned out.
The 'eclectic' mix of fabrics (Trash had asked friends and family to send her fabrics for her birthday to be turned into this quilt) certainly had something to do with it. I fussy cut a few photo-real dog faces out especially. I wanted Trash to be spooked by the slightly demonic looking German Shepherd or pug. It was the least I could do, she has waited over a year and a half.


Last week I finally finished it up and mailed it off to her. It feels good to have come good on a promise.

Even if it was a long time coming. (sorry Trash xxx)

trash's quilt

Quilt deets - Finished size (twin) - 67"X85"
fabrics are a mix. Including a LOT of novelties and Kaffe Fasset.
Solid is kona coal.
Backed with Anne Kelle's urban zoologie monkeys (ginger monkeys!!!)
Bound with smirk dot


Archie the wonder dog said...

It looks great - must be lovely to be able to cross it off the list! Love the backing!

patchworkandlace said...

Wow its really lovely im sure your friend will be deleighted with it , you can see how much work has gone into it x

Andi said...

Perfect. And I KNOW she loves it!!

trash said...

She is delighted patchworkandlace, she really is. So delighted in fact that she has bundled it down to the schoolgates to show the contributors from there, taken it to cafes for same, emailed a million pics, facebooked it and blogged the hell out of it. Oh and slept under it every night since it arrived.

Flying Blind... said...

Oh there are some corking fabrics in there!

Miss White Wall said...

Very nice! Congrats on the finish, I have a few projects like that!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I love that you have a friend called Trash. I love that you wanted photo real dogs to freak her out. I love that you still took forever to finish it. I love it.

Helen in the UK said...

But it's done now and looking wonderful! Sometimes things get away from us, but at least you tackled this UFO and sent it to its rightful new owner :)

Heleen Groot said...

I always get a bit sad when finishing a quilt....It's a bit like reading the last page of a really good book. No shameful behaviour then, at all. Any quilt this good is well worth the wait!

allsewnup said...

You've created a real beauty! What a treasure.


Poppyprint said...

Great finish!!!You can't rush perfection.

mo said...

It looks pretty worth the wait to me!!

Nicky said...

As above I'm sure she thinks it was worth waiting for! Neither of you knew Mega Stardom was in your future hehe and would derail you from this project! Now she has a quilt from a Quilting Celeb!

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