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quilt market - the booths (part five)

Here we at the final day of the booths. This post is all of the other booths that caught my eye, and the rest of the stuff I think you should keep your eyes peeled for. Can I also just say, I'm so glad you're not bored - I don't usually blog as regularly as this because I tend to think you'll have better things to do than to come here every day. I have better things to do than come here every day. I'd bore myself rigid if I had to listen to me drone on all the time. Luckily I've learned to tune out of my own droning.
Anyhoo - enough about me, let's get back to the good stuff.....

Such as Dear Stella.
'Who???' I hear you cry
Well, let me tell you...
At Spring Market in Salt Lake City John and I got accosted in the Timeless Treasures booth by a pretty dark haired girl who exclaimed 'oh! I've been looking for you!' and dragged us off to look at something new and exciting she was working on. That new and exciting thing was Dear Stella, and it was right at the top of my list of things I wanted to check out this Fall because what I had seen on paper in Salt Lake City was beautiful.

dear stella

I have to say, in fabric form it's just as lovely as I remembered.

dear stella

These below (Palladium) were my absolute favourites, but in all honesty, I was smitten by it all. The nautical themed collection, Anchors Away, would make such great dresses for summer.

dear stella

Right by Dear Stella was the Timeless Treasures booth, and this collection of boy robots caught my eye in particular. Mechanical Genius is inspired by Mo's 12 yr old son. Read all it on her blog here. I love this line and how it is young enough for tiny boy babies but grown up enough for techy-dads too. You can see much better pics of the fabrics if you click through to Mo's blog too.

Mo Bedell for Timeless Treasures

Pillow and Maxfield are a couple of crazy ladies. Last Fall I'd spent quite a bit of time laughing with them on their booth. This year they had a kind of boothlet, which reminded me of a changing room or something. Not quite as fancy, but the fabrics are just as fantastic. Imagine fussy cutting those big floral centres. Yum.

Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller


Anna Griffin

Sorry for shouting, but how cute is that print? It's Anna Griffin. I confess, I don't take any notice of the Anna Griffin booths usually, I'm not a huge fan. Not that it's not pretty stuff, it just doesn't grab me, and I have never bought a single piece of her fabric. This may change my shopping habits.

Anna Griffin/Blend

Blend is an offshoot of Anna's, a new and separate division with fabrics by other designers. There were some really nice lines. I particularly liked this one, walnut hill farm which reminded me of something Kokka might produce. (English peeps - we'll be getting Blend in the UK, Anbo are the distributors).


Not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but something I love personally are Marcia Derse's fabrics. I adore the colours and the prints and the textured look they have, and I hope that because Malka Dubrawsky is bringing the hand dyed look to Moda, Marcia's fabrics might start to get picked up by the same people. If you don't know her fabrics, seek them out. Cathy has a few in her store.

Marcia Derse

I don't go totally ga-ga for Riley Blake, although I do know lots of people do. Fox trails is cute though. Really cute. What I do really like from Riley Blake are the blenders.

Riley Blake

Loads and loads of new lines coming from these guys in the next few months.

Riley Blake's coming soon

Riley Blake's coming soon

That's it - we've come to the end of the booths. Tomorrow I'll give you a little behind the scenes sort of thing and answer the remaining questions folks had. Oh, and tell you about the giveaway. Of course.


Steffi said...

Thank you so much for this great, several days long tour. It´s such a great overview and really makes me feel like I´ve been there too!

Laura-Jane said...

I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts and photos from Quilt Market - makes me almost feel that I'm there! I like the look of the orange Dear Stella line

Jodie said...

I have loved every blog-minute of the booths - thankyou .

Theresa said...

Hey Katie, I have loved every word of these posts. Job well done! Tell me, did you encounter Jessica Swift's new fabric collection? I'm just discovering her and noticed that she's branched out into fabric and it was to be launched in October at 'quilt market'. I'm only assuming it was THIS quilt market. It looks pretty clever! Love your thoughts if you saw it all.

Marie said...

It's been five fun-filled days! Thanks for letting us go to Market vicariously through you. What a blast! I've checked in each day to see what is up and coming. I'm excited to see what my LQS ordered. One of the women going asked me before she left what were my favorites. Where do you start?! It's so overwhelming. Time will tell... Thanks again for the posts, what fun!

Laura @ Needles, Pins and Baking Tins said...

Still loving it. All great posts, not at all dronesome :-)

badlandsquilts said...

Oooh, I love the bright colors Marcia Derse is coming out with!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the look of the 'Dear Stella' and 'Marcia Derse' fabrics and the Pillow and Maxfield fabrics are fabulous! Thanks, once again, for sharing!

Katrina said...

What great commentary for your photos! Love reading your blog!

Mary Anne said...

Wow Katy! You've gone above and beyond the call of duty in sharing all things market with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

'Dear Stella' has me in a state of fabric lust. I love every single collection!

Another reason that I love reading your blog (besides your dry Brit-wit) is that you spell your 'Katy' the same way that I spell my daughter's. No need for extra letters! ;-)

Monica Lee said...

You are so cute..."sorry for shouting..."

Katy Cameron said...

Even more fab looking stuff *sigh* Now I wonder if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish in the UK will be getting that Blend fabric too ;o)

Helen in the UK said...

Some of those fabrics do look yummy! Particularly like the Marcia Derse ones, but when I looked online her stuff seems pricey ... but a girl can dream :)

circle retreat quilter said...

I really loved the dear Stella stand. Am thrilled to see up close all the little booths I missed. This was my first trip to Market and I found it totally overwhelming. Thank you for the up close tour again.

veryberryhandmade said...

Thanks for all these wonderful posts. So great to see some of the fabrics that we have in store for us (hopefully)!

trash said...

Why Missus Monkey such delicious fabriccy goodness. You could only spoil us more by proffering small gold-foiled choccies.

Catherine said...

it has been great to get to have a good look around the quilt market, thanks to your posts!

littlebluecottage said...

I waited until the end of your market posts to comment- what a visual feast! I feel excited for what is coming in the next 6 months! Thanks for all the pictures and on the scene reporting. I hope you had fun!!

Two Wednesdays said...

wow - I want some of those ladies in 50's dresses! (A dress in that fabric may be a bit too ironic, but then again.....)

mo said...

Thanks for putting my stuff up there!! It is so fun to see people's photos since I missed it in real life! The Marcia Derse are fantastic. I love all those gorgeous saturated colors.

**nicke... said...

drone on katy! drone on!

suesueb said...

I could shout about that scissors print too! Love so many of these!!

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