Tuesday, 17 January 2012

resolved to sew 2012

My resolutions are as follows;
  • Learn to say no. No swaps for a while, less committing to things I can't spend the time or enough energy on and that if I don't think immediately 'YES YES YES' and can't live without doing then I should decline, politely. It hasn't gone overly well so far, I've already made commitments to some things that I probably should have declined. But I'll make a start after this month. Then I'll say no, or at least try (I'm not very good at it).
  • Finish things. I have too many started projects that wouldn't take me all that long to finish. They're not doing anyone any good half sewn up in my studio, and even if the top itself isn't something I necessarily want to use myself it'll be good to have some charity or gift quilts lying around (especially when the above resolution fails and I commit to something else I have no time to do!!!) I'm aiming for at least one finish a month. Think I can do it? We'll see - I have started a set in my flickr stream to keep track of my 2012 finishes.
on the design wall today...
  • Believe in myself more. I'm no expert quilter, I'm not award winning - I accept that and I'm happy with it. I wish I had a little more faith in myself and didn't doubt myself so much so often. I'll try and work on that a bit. Not to the point where I think I'm all that, because that's just as bad as thinking you're not. It'd be so nice to be able to take a compliment without thinking to myself 'but this, that and the other are wrong with that quilt, I should point that out, or mention I didn't quilt it, or say that something ANYTHING is wrong with it'. 
  • Spend more time with my sewing friends, we rarely sew - it's not about that, it's about hanging out and having a laugh and talking about stupid things. If it weren't for this lot I'd go mad. And as for the point above, I could never think I was all that with them on hand, they'd drag me back down to my rightful place quick as a flash. 
Mandy is not pleased Justine swapped hats

  • Use up some of the fabrics in my stash that I've been hoarding, the precious stuff. It's not precious. It's fabric. Use it woman. Use it NOW. I do intend to make a constellation quilt (that grey star one a couple of pics up) using Anna Maria Horner Bohemian, because having that sitting around unused is just awful. It upsets me just thinking about it, it could be a quilt, it could be loved and used every day. Instead it sits on a shelf. 

Lynne the hostess

  • Learn something new. How to knit a pair of socks - or the honey cowl (beautifully modelled by baby Max if you click on that link) , or actually manage to do this dress I've got sitting around in bits. I'm scared of new things that are out of my comfort zone. I hope to conquer that a little this year. I'm also going to spring quilt market in may and to sewing summit in october - wouldn't it be great to have a dress I made to wear there? 
So that's my 2012 resolutions. I don't think they're too bad. Achievable? Probably. Let's see how I get on with that!

Of all the glorious prizes on offer I think I'd like to win this bundle from Backstitch. I've been very close to buying it for a little while, but resisted. So fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that!


trash said...

You go girl!

circle retreat quilter said...

Katy, here here, and i think your an awesome sewer and you have inspired me and helped me find my Mojo during 2011. I am just sorry i didnt say Hi to you in Houston when i saw you buzzing about. I cant bring myself to do swaps I dont have the time. and scraps...arrgh.:) cheers from Oz. Stacey

Heather said...

I have a hard time using the last bit of a fabric. I don't know why I think it is important not to just use it up. It is fabric. They make more!

restitcherator said...

Great post Katy, and I truly love the idea of using that "precious" stuff. How can it be precious on a shelf where no one can see it or love it?

I can't wait to see the wonderful projects that come from unstashing that really "special" stuff.

Annabella said...

Love your resolutions and the learning to accept compliments really resonates with me. Good luck with them - the Constellation quilt is stunning!

Dee said...

I really enjoyed reading through your resolutions...but the one about spending time with friends, well, that one's my favorite.

God speed on all of them!

Needled Mom said...

Great goals!!! Like you, I need to not be temppted to say "yes" to all of the great projects out there.

Jacey said...

Excellent goals, Katy! I know you'll accomplish a lot this year. I want to make a Constellation quilt this year, too. I love that pattern!

aksherry said...

I like your goals! My goal for the year is the little saying:
Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
But not so much the do without part. :) I have to finish 4 projects before I can get stuff for new. I hope that I can use up some of my pretties that are already living here.

Poppyprint said...

That's a great list and definitely inspiring. I suppose we could all just cute and paste it, really.

p.s. I love that Lynne is serving snacks onto a kitchen table outfitted with table tennis net.

Katy Cameron said...

Great collection of goals... although now I feel I need to make something to wear to Sewing Summit too, oh the peer pressure ;o)

Flying Blind... said...

Take it that we will have to put up with you in your usual George at Asda clobber at FQ Retreat as you aren't making anything special for that then!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

You should do a Miz Mozelle-a-long! You have such a wonderful following and folks love joining in with you. Then you'd get it done! It's such a great comfy dress! I'm not going to say it's all easy peasy but it's not a nightmare either so you can do it!!

Lotti said...

Your quilts are great, flaws, what flaws (never point anything out!) As for that dress, my mum is doing more classes if your up in Suffolk at any point she is brilliant, she helped me with my recent competition entry when I got brain ache!

Kris said...

Love Bohemian. I have some languishing in my stash too, and you're right, it's not respectful really is it? Like your resolves.

Richard Healey said...

I love your list of goals. I also plan to make a post soon to do the same thing. Your quilts that you showed look great I hope to get to a point I can sew as well as you.


Caro said...

I'm with you, sista!!! I just started cutting up about fifty percent of my stash into varying strip sizes. I'm not sure why I felt I had to "save" it. That's crazy.

Sylvie said...

I wish you good luck with your resolutions for this new year! I think they are very resonable and I am certain you will succeed.
But sometimes it can be very challenging to keep ones' promises. For example, my resolution for 2012 was to finish a project before starting a new one, and I have already 2 quilts to finish (from last year), a top in progress, a dress and a quilt almost started (the fabrics are chosen and pre-washed) and now I want to swoon-along!
But it would be too easy to succeed so early in the year, don't you think?

Jen said...

I've been lurking your blog for some time now. Those are great resolutions. Mostly, keep blogging. Yours is a welcome voice among the many many quilting/sewing blogs out there. So many other voices play at sounding "professional" and can make us regular sewers feel less than adequate. So, thank you for keeping it real!

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