Friday, 17 February 2012

before you ask - no, I'm not

But if I was pregnant (I'm not - I'm really not!) I would love this. A maternity survival kit - or capsule wardrobe to sew (ok, let's not remind me of the failed attempt into dressmaking - I know the dress is still sat in pieces, I intend to finish it, I just need some help with it).

And I actually rather like this pattern for me anyway. (I'll say it again - I'm not pregnant - it just looks really comfy)

(if you click on the links to Megan's patterns you can view more images of the pieces sewn up). They look really comfy and stylish (there's an oxymoron for you). Is it worth getting pregnant just to be able to sew some clothes for myself? Probably not, I agree, but if you were pregnant, or had a friend who was pregnant (not like my friend who is far too pregnant and about to burst, she's way too far gone, it'd be worthless making her anything) then wouldn't they be great?
I think so.

Alice has them in her shoppity shop. As well as these Clever Charlotte patterns that are new in and make me wish my 12 year old was still small. And don't even get me started on this dress and leggings set by Figgys. I want that one for me. I could fit into an age 8, right?


Judith said...

I agree it looks rather comfy. When I was a teenager about 15 or so I was in a shop looking at a great denim swing dress (80ths...). I wanted to try it on and asked the shop assistant if they had a different size. She then asked me "how far I was" and I could not understand what she wanted. Eventually the penny dropped and I desperateley tried to make her understand that I was not pregnant. I fled the store mortified.

Flying Blind... said...

Hmmm I do believe I have some shrunk old maternity t-shirts that may still get worn from time to time!

trash said...

Maybe if you breathed in really hard you could.

Katy Cameron said...

Age 8, nae bother... ;o)

Laura @ Needles, Pins and Baking Tins said...

Have you seen the darling ranges dress pattern? Its incredible! I need it in my life! Especially this version:

Josie McRazie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHen I was Christmas shopping I bought me a pair of maternity jeans for $4! They are really cute and have a three inch waitband. (my 'baby' is ten and I am 'fixed' LOL) I have a pair of shorts just like them and they are the best things EVER! And if I didn't tell anyone, they would never know!!

mjb said...

I just bought that set! (And yes, I am) ... now just to find the time to sew them up. After my last baby I didn't want to wear anything slightly maternity ever again, so I'm doubting the "& nursing" part of some of the patterns.

Noas' Libellule said...

That is brilliant. If I were I would definitely get looks so classy!

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