Sunday, 11 March 2012

the (swooning) on a hop along begins

the on a hop along - dualling quilts

The official start date for the new quilt alongs isn't until Monday - but I wanted to have a little play around and make sure I fully understood the instructions and could help out with any questions people might have in the first week of the quilt along.
Judging by my comical mis-matched points for hopscotch (on the left of the pic) it might just be that I'm the one needing help. Not quite sure where I'm going wrong there, but hopefully by the time I've finished all the blocks I'll have nailed them. My fabrics for Hopscotch are domestic bliss and 2 bella solids - fuchsia and jade. I absolutely love that jade green solid - it's awesome.
On a whim is a dream so far - I'm using Meg Hawkey whitewash (that I got from Fat Quarter Shop but they seem to be out of it now) and a bundle of oakshott F8s with a Ruby dot for the background (which I have to cut still - that's next week's job - finish all the cutting and actually assemble a block).

If you want in on the quilt along fun, whether you still haven't made the swoon quilt, or fancy proving your points are better than mine for hopscotch, or making a really enjoyable on a whim quilt (can you tell, I already like that one better - half square triangles always win me over) just head over to the flickr group and join in. It's very relaxed, to be honest, we just hang out and chat and help each other out when someone needs help.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and also for the book support. You guys really do rock my world, you know that don't you?


Prof. S said...

Can hardly wait to start On a Whim, and thanks for test-driving both patterns :) From here, your Hopscotch points look fine!

mascanlon said...

Oh my, I just gathered the fabric for Swoon so I will watch from the sidelines and enjoy everyone else's progress this time! I do love the fabric choices on your cutting table!

Richard Healey said...

I keep trying to avoid another thing like this but I keep inching closer to trying it.

Wendy said...

I'm glad I am not the only one struggling to match points on Hopscotch! I keep reminding myself that perfection is not necessary in a quilt and once it is quilted and washed, those minor mismatches don't even show up! Keep on keeping on!!!

Sara said...

I like the easyness look of the on the whim pattern,but I am drawing myself toward the Hopscotch pattern because I like a challenge even if I say I don't!

kelli said...

love the pink one best, and your points are only off slightly, I'd have never noticed had you not said something!! x

BeadsAndBarnacles said...

Ohh that teal colour is gorgeous isn't it. Might have to find something to make with it :D

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