Monday, 7 May 2012

happy day teaching

I spent Saturday at Patch Fabrics in Lowestoft with 5 lovely ladies teaching Camille's Swoon quilt pattern.

Jenny's block was a lovely selection of Autumnal shades. She wasn't entirely happy with her points, but
I really don't think she should be so hard on herself (Jenny is a regular at my workshops and always finds fault in her work, when she shouldn't, plus she was relying on guessing her 1/4" seam - so I think she did much better than I could have - without my patchwork foot, I'm all over the place.)

Jenny's Block

It was a fantastic day - the class was nice and small, so everyone had plenty of room and I could concentrate on making sure each step was completely understood and help out when anyone had any problems (which, to be honest, were only a very few).

Leanne hiding
(Leanne is trying to hide in the picture. She doesn't like her photo taken)

Most of the ladies that come to the workshops are local, but one had travelled from further into the depths of Suffolk, about an hour away from Lowestoft. Amanda - if you're reading this, thank you for making that trek down the A12, it's not particularly fast getting anywhere in Suffolk, the roads are windy and tractors a plenty, so I feel especially honoured if someone is willing to make that special trip just for me (I'm not sure I would, I don't find myself very interesting at all).

This is Amanda's gorgeous block, she is intending on making some more to make a quilt. Love how the gingham matches up in some of her diamonds - that was a fluke, but it's a pretty spectacular one!

Amanda's Block

Swoon is not a particularly difficult quilt block, but it takes a lot of concentration and effort and a perfect 1/4" seam to be most effective. Everyone's blocks looked fantastic - all in completely different fabrics, all equally as stunning. I was proud as punch that they all turned out so well.

Here's Leanne's, Penny's and Claire's blocks - see how different they look, but equally gorgeous?

Leanne, Penny and Claire's blocks

I love teaching, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I end up grinning all the way home. Which might look a bit weird to anyone driving past me.

Another pic of Leanne and Penny's blocks - without Claire's muscling in and trying to take over...

Leanne and Penny's blocks

I'll be back at Patch on June 16th, with a choice of 2 projects - either the jelly roll quilt I taught a little while ago;

beginner's quilt class

 or Fit For A Princess (this size uses 20 FQs). Both are lap sized and the top is achievable in the day.

Fit for a Princess Quilt

I will probably use this size (picture below) for Fit For A Princess, it's a little smaller, so easier to quilt on a domestic machine (you need 11 FQs)...(of course, there is no reason why you couldn't make the bigger version...or go even bigger should you want to - rule of thumb is one FQ makes one large block, with the diamond centre)

Little Monsterz

Contact Claire at Patch for more details.


Katy Cameron said...

Great job all round :o)

Di said...

Sounds like a fun day. Di x

Sarah said...

Looks like great fun :-)

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

I keep seeing all the fabulous swoon quilts you are teaching/motivating through your QAL and I really really need to make one! They all turn out so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheryl here. I'm just hoping you'll do your english paper piecing workshop at Patch, I'd certainly travel from where I live near Bury for that.

Nicky said...

I need to come to one of your classes - oh I am in June! Yeah! Must attempt to make at least one swoon by then!

thatmoxiegirl said...

I love the 'alternative" swoon quilts!

Flying Blind... said...

What a bunch of lovely Swooners.

Judith, Belfast said...

Looks like a really fun day and the blocks are stunning! I love teaching too! Jxo

Sarah Ashford said...

Sounds like my perfect day! PS just got a copy of the FQ book, and it's great :-)

Debbie said...

awesome. never too many swoon!

Cherie said...

Great blocks, the class looks like it was a lot of fun! Loving those quilts =D

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Beautiful pictures!! That looks like so much fun!!

Anya said...

Jenny's block is made me instantly think of lovely honeycomb!

AmandaA said...

It was well worth the trip, Katy - thanks for being such a great teacher.

Nanette Merrill said...

I really love the blocks. I'm a person that struggles with having a perfect 1/4" seam all around my points. I have to fudge here and there. But I'm ok with it. I have to be. After years and years of block making, I'm still only ok. The girls blocks are great. I love the colors of Amanda and Cindy's.

diane said...

Are you worth a trip across the ocean to take your class? I wish I lived closer to take just one class with you.Looks like your students did well and had fun, I'm sure

**nicke... said...

i love your quilts. those swoons look super fun too!

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