Wednesday, 27 June 2012

orange soda template

If you have been following the quilt along over on Allegory's blog you might be interested in one of these little acrylic templates.

Orange soda templates!

It's the exact size for the petal shape that you need for the applique. There's a lot of petal shapes to cut out in that quilt. A lot. I know because I'm on my second version of the quilt now, and I'd forgotten about how many petals I had to cut out before. With this template you can actually use a rotary cutter to speed up the cutting. It's also thicker than using template plastic, so if you don't trust your rotary cutting abilities it also makes tracing round the shape so much easier. Either method - you win some time back. Time you could spend on drinking tea and eating cake.

orange soda applique 1

They're just $5 each, plus shipping and you can find them in my etsy shop.


KerryQ said...

What cake? Where? :)

Trudi said...

Oh ... you just caught me with a cuppa and a slice of victoria sandwich - and I thought no-one would know!

Cherie said...

The quilt looks like so much fun to make =D

Lisa said...

So, another novice question, If I was to use the acyrlic template instead of the template plastic, would I attached the fusible to the whole material first then cut out with the rotary? I'm following the QAL & don't want to waste time drawing out the fusible if I decide to use your acyrlic.

Which would you recommend for a 1st time quilter, I'm am quite comfortable using my rotary cutter.

Nicky said...

You got me again!

Two Wednesdays said...

I love the way that it looks like cathedral window, and then it doesn't.

Ella said...

Any idea how long it would take to get to the US? I'm trying to stay on schedule with the QAL, but I haven't started tracing petals yet.

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