Thursday, 21 June 2012

sewing summit

Class sign ups haven't happened yet, but I like to plan ahead and be organised while I remember (because I easily forget).

If you happen to be going to sewing summit, and if you plan to take my class (or even if you don't!) you can take advantage of the discount code SEWINGSUMMIT25 for 25% off the Spring Carnival template set. Just enter the code on checkout!

The code is good until I jump on the plane to SLC (any last minute orders I can bring with me), so you don't need to rush out, but if you were thinking about getting a set, or if you are determined you'll be in my class then here's the link.

I am so excited about teaching in October, I'm so excited about meeting new people and seeing old friends. Come on October, hurry up and get here!

template 3

Don't forget about the sewing summit scholarship program - entries close July 9th so hurry and get yours in!


Katy Cameron said...

Alas, for once procrastination would have paid off lol. When are class sign ups anyway? August?

Di said...

You jet setter, you! Di x

Caryn said...

I wasn't sewing yet when the sewing summit was announced, but I have had your templates on to-buy list for a month now. Anyway I could get them with the discount?

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