Wednesday, 20 June 2012

wish you were there?

In case you were thinking how nice it would have been to have gone to the retreat we organised at the start of this month, maybe you might like to have the next best thing and get yourself a copy of the retreat special magazine?

Fat Quarterly Community Retreat Special Issue

There are all sorts of great projects, including some of the classes that were held over the weekend.

I made a quilt....

cutting corners

Lynne made a union jack pillow...

Ar you coming to London?

There's also an amazing pattern for Lucie's London bus mini quilt (which you can just see peeking at the back of this fan girl picture of John and me)

John & Katy

Get yours here!!!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

oh I LOVe that pic - nearly as much as the Katy-is-a-sindy-doll-and-John-is-a-giant pic.

Laura Taylor said...

Ha! Love you guys! (In an appropriate way, of course) xxx

leanne said...

got the copy and its almost (lol) like being there ! great photo of you and john

Isisjem said...

I bought it last week!

Flying Blind... said...

Been there, done that, next year I can get the t-shirt, right?

Sarah Pings said...

I've just bought and downloaded ... makes me feel even more like I was there, when I wasn't ... great great issue!

Di said...

Enjoying reading this and plotting my next project! Di x

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