Thursday, 12 July 2012

kool aid

Today the sun is shining, it's a balmy (note sarcasm) 58 degrees, the pollen count is crazy high, my eyes feel like I'm poking needles in them and my nose won't stop dripping. Oh joy.

Let's make a quilt!

quilting along

The fabrics are a mix of Melody Miller's Ruby Star Shining and Brenda's co-ordinating solids. Plus a sneaky little Flea Market Fancy medallions that crept in because the green is such a good match for the Ruby Star Shining fabrics. An awful lot of the Flea Market Fancy prints are good matches for Ruby Star Shining, the colours and the retro prints really co-ordinate well.

I'm making a new version of the orange soda quilt from the Fat Quarterly bookAllegory is hosting a quilt along, there's a flickr group and it's a really fun quilt to make, it's simple, you can make it super super scrappy, even use charm squares or layer cakes. Sara made an enlarged version using layer cake squares, and I have to admit I was blown away by how effective it looked with those big squares. I'm making myself one too, one day one day. My new quilt is called Kool Aid, I bought some for Ginger when I was over in the US for Spring Market, we don't have it here in the UK, we're kind of anti artificial flavours, colours and stuff here. Fruit flavoured drinks have fruit juice in them, and I'm pretty sure the Mummy Police would be jumping all over anyone that actually gave their kids a powdered drink that you added a cup of sugar to (I remember it from being a kid and growing up close to an Air Base, and I can still taste the delicious sugary orange flavour in my head). When I got the bundle of solids in the mail that was the first thing that came into my head, colours like sachets of Kool Aid.

The first version I made was using echino, it's got all those petals fused on top of the mid weight echino fabrics, it's a great winter quilt, heavy and warm. I think a lot of people are wary of using heavier weight fabrics in quilts, or mixing the different weights like I am here with the cotton solids and the more home dec weight Ruby Star prints. Seriously, don't be worried. I wouldn't recommend you try it if you've never made a quilt before, but if you have sewn stuff and you don't make anything that's too complicated with teeny tiny pieces then give it a go. The different textures add something to the finished piece.
I have never had a problem with weird shrinkage when I've mixed weights, and I'm not a pre-washer. I haven't pre-washed any of these fabrics, I'll quilt it in a medium dense pattern (or Long Arm Chris will) probably, so it's still got a good amount of drape and doesn't end up too stiff because of all of the fused petals.

I was thinking about how often I've mixed weights, I seem to do it quite a bit. It can be something as simple as mixing a voile or lawn with a regular cotton, or mixing baby corduroy, cottons and velveteen. Even Hexy MF has voiles and cottons. I think one of my favourite quilts I made so far this year was that giant star using Jeni's tutorial, I used velveteens for the star and a cotton for the background. It's been washed, it hasn't been an issue at all and if anything the mix of textures makes it better.

mixing fabric weights

I guess what I'm saying here is don't be afraid of using something like Ruby Star Shining for a quilt. It's great in pouches and pillows and everything - but it's also so cool for quilts. Give it a go, make something nice and simple and then you can at least say you gave it a whirl. I bet you'd love it.

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diegoagogo said...

Yep, if it wasn't for the pollen, today would be pretty much a perfect Summer day huh? LOL. Hope the effects pass quickly.
My job for the day is to find a dentist - FAST!!
In a new city?? Le sigh!
Wish me luck.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sorry your hayfever is getting you down - mine has been better (almost absent) for the past two summers after I stumbled across the secret to beating it...start all the medication far earlier than you think you need to! I take tablets throughout the year but start taking the full dose of spray on St Patrick's day at the very latest (earlier if the weather is warm) and I can't tell you the difference it's made! Still, that's little comfort for this year...I hope it fades soon. In the meantime get the wet flannel out and put it in a bag in the fridge for a few hours - bliss on sore eyes! Oh, and have fun making your lovely new quilt!

Sam Harris said...

I am such a huge fan of your work! Seriously, your quilts ROCK!!!

Katy Cameron said...

*passes a tissue* Looking forward to seeing the Kool Aid come to life...

Cherie said...

Liking the look of those fabrics in the stack.
A quick note to say they do sell kool Aid over here! If you're ever in an indoor market or even those outdoor Caribbean/Asian stalls sell it there...not sure on the price but they have it!
Mixing weights sounds interesting, I was thinking of some linen and cotton quilts in the future =D

Flying Blind... said...

Thanks for the Kool Aid definition - I have been too lazy to google it!
Feel better soon x

Kitty Bee said...

I've become a regular visitor to your blog and just wanted to say I love your writing and am impressed by your amazing level of productivity! Thanks for sharing the discount code :)

Artsy-Craftsy Ivy said...

Wow, Katy, thank you for answering the question that's been on my mind! I have Ruby Star Shining typewriter fabric and was wondering if I could use it in a quilt with quilting cottons. Thanks so much :)

Jacey said...

I really love the mix you chose for this next one! And yes, Kool-Aid. That really is a taste that stays with you!

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