Saturday, 29 September 2012

what's new American pussycat?

Are you ready?

Let's go!

Pink Castle Fabrics has 20% off all pre-cuts and bundles this week only (so hurry!) with the code PRECUT20
This includes blogger bundles and collection bundles, so if you wanted to grab a Liberty bloomsbury gardens bundle or center city or any of the in stock bundles do it now!

And if you didn't want a bundle but wanted some yardage - use code SPIN15 for 15% off any purchase. There's a heap of new stuff added to the sale section too - never leave the store without a little browse through there!

Fat Quarter Shop have Winterkist by Monica Solorio-Snow (aka the Happy Zombie). There are 2 colourways, the Freshly colourway which is cool and full of greys, blues and greens......

and the Tart colourway, a spicy warm group of reds, oranges and pinks...

Also in stock now and well worth buying is the book written by the Fat Quarter Shop team, Simply Fat Quarters. I've got a copy on it's way to me and I can't wait to see it!

Sew Me A Song is, as you should know by now, the place to go for Japanese or slightly eclectic prints.

I love this bundle of fabrics selected by Amy

I also really love these color basics bundles....



or pink or yellow or grey or black. A great stash building bundle of basics.

Sew Fresh Fabrics has had these adorable prints from Creative Thrusday in. Absolutely love the bunnies.

There are a heap of new specials and Cosmos by Laura Gunn is in stock too.

I love this beaded stripe print

And this gorgeous floral

Lola Pink Fabrics have some amazing deals to be had in the specials section. I really love this collection by Erin McMorris. Also, if you buy 3 yards or more of any one fabric you get an automatic extra discount applied. Did you know that?

It's a great way to stock up on larger cuts for clothing and quilt backs. The pattern section of Lola Pink is a perfect place to find some inspiration!

That's it US peeps, I'm back tomorrow with what's new British pussycat, so be there or be square.

Happy weekends!!!! x


Sam said...

I really love this feature on your blog!

Ann Michelle said...

I love this feature! My pocketbook does not! Lol

Elsa said...

Thanks so much for doing these reviews ~ love all the shops and fabric featured ~ especially Sew Me A Song and that wonderful Japanese fabric!

Nicky said...

Eek Not looking!

Celine said...

Sorry to bother you Miss, can you use your Spring Carnival pattern within my Bee? Not sure if you've received my email. Thank you.

bec said...

I blame you completely for my late night purchase of those bunnies, and a few more prints to fill the envelope. Grrrr (heehee)

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