Sunday, 30 December 2012

what's new, British pussycat?

It's New Year's Eve Eve!!! Happy NYEE!!!!

Justine has been busy marking down things in her shop to clear the way for new arrivals.

10% off haberdashery
15% off kits and solids pre-cuts
20% off patterned pre-cuts and colour cards
30% off lakehouse
50% of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons & Amy Butler solids

Hurry because thing are selling out FAST!

Remember this pillow I made for Justine for Christmas? The bee fabric is still available at M is For Make in the sale.

bee pillow

And the darker colourway too (which is possibly my favourite colourway)

Annie at the village haberdashery has had a delivery of micromod by Rob Bancroft for Cloud 9. These are great basics for stash building, and organic (of course)

There's LOADS in the sale section too - I love this print from Hope Chest

Alice over at Backstitch still has this amazing rainbow of sketch in the shop.

pair it with this lucky rainbow bundle and I think you have an absolutely amazing quilt.

Eclectic Maker are still on their Christmas break until January 2nd, but you can shop with them - they just won't get it in the post until they get back.

They have a gorgeous selection of Laura Gunn fabrics, including 6 different colours of painter's canvas.

That's it from me for this year. I'll see you next year - I promise no more fabric pimping this year...snigger.

I hope you have a fantastic New Year's Eve...I'm staying in, and if I can manage it, I'll be sewing. I really don't like going out on NYE. Too many strangers try and kiss you, food in restaurants is overpriced and serve terrible set menus that you wouldn't choose to eat on any other night of the year, and people are drunk and falling over, or pulling party poppers in your face. Oh - and there is always some kind of awful band playing standards that you only ever hear at weddings.

I am such a miserable old woman.

Staying in, it's the new going out...apparently.


Shannon said...

Haha! We're the same way with New Year's Eve - I'm too old and cranky for crowds full of drunken idiots! (That's also why I shouldn't travel during the holidays...ever!)

Di said...

Staying in AND sewing seems perfect to me. Di x

Carla said...

Me too! Love a quiet New Year's Eve . Hope I can sew after my little grand girls are asleep. I think I'm babysitting ; )

kbzelazny said...

I'm with you! I plan on being asleep as the new year comes in!!

Sara said...

Miserable old woman Nah!! We know how to be safe and have fun at the sewing machine that is all;) Happy NEW YEAR friend!!!!

Nicky said...

Excellent !

2013 Bring it on!

Catherine said...

Me too, staying in and sewing! Thank you for your weekly fabric round ups this year, I have managed to pick up some excellent bargains and discover new places to purchase

heart of charnwood said...

You miserable old so and so (or should that be sew and sew??), we're out at a friends house for NYE, in Brighton (boo, 200 mile drive) but it should be good, we always stay in, as i'm an old git and have never really enjoyed going out NYE for all of the reasons you stated!! I would love to stay in and sew though. : )

AmandaA said...

As long as you enjoy yourself, that's the main thing. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your family, with lots of exciting parcels in the post and no Customs cards!

AmandaA said...

As long as you enjoy yourself, that's the main thing. I hope 2013 is a great year for you and your family, with lots of exciting parcels in the post and no Customs cards!

Trudi said...

Sounds like an excellent plan for NYE! Wonder if I can get away with some sewing too! Happy New Yearnto ou and yours, let the excitement begin!

Lindsay Conner said...

I must also be a miserable old woman, because your plan sounds pretty good to me!

Emma said...

I stayed up til midnight last night to shop Justine's sale! Love love love the Lakehouse fabric.

Lyn said...

Definitely sewing/knitting/cross stitching! There is an old saying in my family that whatever the last day of the old year is like for you is what the new year will be like. So I always make time to do something I enjoy, even if only for a bit, just in case. :-)

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