Thursday, 24 January 2013

a couple of winners and other stuff

I am finally getting round to the winners of the Rock n Romance and Glimma/Architextures giveaways.  Talk about being a Slow Joe.

So, Rock n Romance is going to number 14 who is Lis

And Glimma/Architextures is going to number 30, Jess

I'll shoot the 2 of you emails shortly!

In other news, have you seen that USPS are increasing their shipping charges on January 27th? The increase is quite steep, and will impact on every store - the charge is just too much for anyone to take a hit on.

Flat Rate Envelopes will increase to around $6 domestic, $20 for Canada and $25 for international.

If you were wanting to get some bits and pieces before the increase, get them before the weekend. As yet Fat Quarter Shop haven't mentioned a price rise, but I think it will only be a matter of time before their advertised shipping rates increase too.

I just stocked up some sketch flannel from Pink Castle Fabrics. I'm using the lipstick to back my (as yet nowhere near done) Christmas Scrappy Trips quilt.

And remember, Brenda can fit up to 10 yards in a flat rate envelope, so it really is the perfect time to make the most of the old shipping price before it increases on Monday.

There's still a massive amount of great fabrics in the sale section too.


Annabelle said...

Thanks for info.

Elsa said...

I was just at the post office yesterday and was told about it. The international rates are going WAY up! Too bad for us ~ tho I did hear that the post office is having lots of money problems and may be going out of business!

Swedish Scrapper said...

I've been crying and wringing my hands for days about it. I mean, the info has been out there, but I just realized how much it will impact us-- not only ordering fabrics, but swaps, and giveaways, oy oy oy! Not happy. Not sure how to impact it, without instantly transforming myself and others into fabric designers with unlimited coffers full of "freebie" fabric samples! I do hope that those blogs who have had international giveaways in the past might be able to offer gift certificates to those of us who are abroad who chance to win. Although, darn, that is Quite A Hike!

Helen Lay said...

Thanks Katy, I've kept meaning to do an order this week so just stocked up on dots and stripes basics mainly.

Two Wednesdays said...

I know - I gulped and then ordered the roughing It! fabric I wanted before it went up - I think my DH may notice that I've bought fabric this month....

Hannah said...

A friend messaged fqs and they confirmed their shipping charges are indeed going up. How many yards of that lovely sketch flannel can Brenda squeeze into an envelope .... ? Am uk based too.

Archie the wonder dog said...

The sketch flannel will be fabulous on the back of a Christmas quilt - so warm and snuggly!

dolores said...

Thanks for the reminder...I just ran in my room to pack up two envelopes to send tomororw to the Girl in Oxford.....Valentine packages! You just saved me a ton of postage!!:) xo

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