Tuesday, 22 January 2013

scrap vomit - strip pieced

A couple of weeks ago I promised some folks on Instagram and twitter (I'm ImAGingerMonkey at both places if you want to follow me!) that I'd do a quick strip pieced tutorial for the B blocks in my scrap vomit quilts. Regularly I piece them square by square, but as I was playing with strips for the #scrappytripalong I figured it'd be fun (and fast) to make a scrap vomit quilt using strips as well.

There's a couple of things about strip piecing that I don't like as much as piecing with squares -

  • you get more blocks that look similar because you're cutting multiples from the same fabrics
  • when you're sewing strips they can curve a little in the middle when you don't pin or you sew a bit too fast (you can see that in my pics), which makes your squares not quite as square as they should be (a good press and some wiggling pretty much sorts this though)
Other than those slight downsides, it's faster and it's easier and you can easily speed through multiple blocks at once.

So - in order to make the mock up below, which ends up at 70" square, you will need to make 12 B blocks and 13 A blocks. You can follow the original tute for the A blocks, or you can figure out strip piecing after you've made these blocks. I'm still making my A blocks from squares, to get more variety in the prints.

scrap vomit part deux mock up

Cut a total of;
36 strips 2.5" x 22" of PRINTS (1.25 yards total)
21 strips 2.5" x 22" of BLACK fabric (just over 0.75 yard - get a full yard to be safe!)
13 strips 2.5" x 22" of AQUA fabric (pretty much exactly 0.5 yards - to be safe get 0.75 yards!)
9 strips 2.5" x 22" of RED fabric (0.5 yards)

(I'm using kona black, kona lagoon and kona red from Simply Solids)

Make 3 of the following strip set;

strip piecing step 1

Make 3 of the following strip set;

strip piecing 2

Make 2 of the following strip set;

strip piecing 3

Make 3 of the following strip set;

strip piecing 4

When you have finished sewing each of the strip sets, press the seams (pressing them open will help you match seams as you piece the blocks) and cut each strip set into 8 strips 2.5" wide.

Assemble the blocks as the picture below (chain piecing makes this step go super fast);

strip piecing 5

Press your seams open again, and that's it.

You just whizzed through 12 blocks.

You should also check out Krista's chain piecing tutorial - she's making a SV quilt right now and is speeding through the blocks because of her method. You can find it here.


Poppyprint said...

Jeez, I already cut all my solids into squares! No problem-o. Only 6 more blocks to make. Thanks so much for this quilt pattern. I am LOVING using my old stash fabrics. I posted a photo tute for chain piecing the 49 patches last week. There was a description of it in the flickr group discussion, but I took pics for people that need to see how to do it.

CitricSugar said...

Oooh, clever!

HillyFilly said...

Take 2.... I guess if you want to have more variety & less multiples you could make one strip set of each combination then mix up the strips after sub-cutting .... it would spread the fabrics out a bit... I like stripping !! But not in this weather.....

Isisjem said...

I did wonder when I saw all the tripalongs if there was a way of scrapvomitting this way and see there is! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

About how many yards of backing will I need to the twin size? I love this quilt.

Stephanie C. said...

I was just thinking of doing a kind of hybrid of the 2 methods and strip piecing the solids section then adding scrappy squares to the outsides of the strips before sewing the strips together.

Jilly said...

I love how some of those horrible fabrics just become brilliant the moment they're part of a scrap vomit quilt.

Flying Blind... said...

oooh I am thinking a complete Vomit Trip...

Carla said...

You are SO fast! Even piecing squares you amaze me. Have you made 3 of these? Love them all.

Julierose said...

I just love your quilt features in that new Modern Quilting Book that's coming out--am taking out my Dresden ruler and (finally!!) using it!! Julierose

Shari said...

Now you tell me? As I just last night finished by 24th B block! All the squares are cut for my A blocks so there's no need for a tutorial for the A blocks! With any luck I'll be finished in time to get an A from the teacher at Camp Stitchalot!

CathyK said...

Yet again, you rock! I just love the look of this!

Mitzi said...

you're awesome! Thanks!

Teresa said...

I love that fabric with the kitties looking at art! Hilarious!

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