Saturday, 23 February 2013

what's new, American pussycat?

This weekend is QuiltCon, and everybody seems to be there. It's ok - we're not jealous. We can go shopping and make ourselves feel better.

Brenda at Pink Castle has some new flannels in stock.


birdies from Erin McMorris....

and Anna Maria....

There's a lot of Japanese prints in the sale -mostly at $14/yard.

I have some of this. I'm hoarding it.

These insects from Echino are lovely...

The $5/yard section is full of good stuff

It's a great way to stock up on some basics to stash build - especially at just $2.50/half yard.

Brenda also has the Ziggy chevrons and color me retro in stock - which co-ordinate so well (like in my pillow below)

color me retro pillow

At Fat Quarter Shop, Ellen Luckett Baker's Quilt Blocks is on sale with 40% off. This line didn't sell anywhere near as well as it should have done, it was (and still is) one of my favourite lines in recent years.

Woodland Pals by Ann Kelle for Kaufman is in. Loving that Racoon with his bandit mask.

and Print and Pattern's latest collection - The Circus. Both of these collections are great to have on stand by for baby gifts - gender neutral and fun prints.

Coming soon - not yet, but soon....

Isn't that a great looking new extra wide? Does that make me very excited? Yes it does. You can sign up to be notified when it's in stock. At $15.99 a yard it's really well priced too.

I'm currently really low/pretty much all out of text prints on light backgrounds. Shopping needs to happen this weekend, without fail.

Luckily, Sew Me A Song is always prepared for such emergencies.

I could get this bundle....

or this one...

or this one....

or this one maybe?

Sew Fresh Fabrics was pretty much cleaned out of that spools print I posted last week. I think there were a lot of you that got as excited by it as me!

This week I'm loving on this Alexander Henry print

the other 2 prints in the collection are great too.

I'm going to show this again, because I love it so much.

and the pattern print too.

Lola Pink Fabrics has had a delivery of Tsuru.

So many great prints in this collection. SO many.

As always with Lola Pink, you buy more and save - there's a discount when you buy 3 yards or more. And their prices are always great to start with.


Katy Cameron said...

Nearly out of fabric?! You must remedy this immediately, how awful!

Sheila said...

Love that cushion, simple but soooo effective.

Elsa said...

Another great post on fabric that I want! Thanks for all the tips!
Oh, did you notice all the Anonymous comments? Strange aren't they.

Ambi said...

Ginger Monkey! those cranes, they are to die for. What a delicious way ti start my day (with eye candy from your bog post). Yum yum I will be inspried the whole day.

Tiara said...

I always love these posts. just a question how do you decide how much of a fabric to buy if you do not have a particular project in mind? I have not been quilting for a terribly long time so mostly buy precuts of a collection but am looking to build a stash.

CitricSugar said...

All gorgeous. Still a little jealous. :-)

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