Sunday, 24 February 2013

what's new, British pussycat?

Before I start on the good stuff, I want to let you know that I've turned moderated comments on. The amount of spam comments I'm getting is ridiculous, and the spam filter isn't even managing to detect half of them. I don't want to use the word verification function, because I can never read those words/numbers. This way seems like the most sensible option, and I can moderate the comments as they come in.

Ok, so that's your public service announcement for the day, what about the fabric?
Annie at the village haberdashery has had a delivery of Tsuru, by Rashida Coleman Hale for Cloud 9.

Not fabric, but a lot of cute in a tiny package is this mini tapestry kit. It's just a few inches, it's utterly adorable.

Quilter's Dream batting (or wadding, whichever you prefer to call it) is fully re-stocked. There's all kinds to choose from, to suit your preferred loft and fibre. I like this request weight cotton. It's the thinnest, lightest loft.

Justine at Simply Solids has added a clearance section to the website, with up to 60% off random lines and pre-cuts.

There's also a 10% discount on anything (except gift vouchers) using the code cheeky10 that's valid until March 1st.

Honey Honey pre-cuts are in stock

and this great tape for sticking together odd bits of leftover wadding. It really is fab, I love this stuff.

Valentine's Day may be over, but romance is always in the air at Sew and Quilt

This bundle of red fabrics is just love tied up with a ribbon. It even makes me go all mushy and sentimental.

The pink bundle is just as sweet.

Over at M is For Make, Tsuru is also in stock now.

Again, it's gorgeous.

Look at this lovely print. So delicate, and pretty. I said it before, I'll say it again - it's a lovely collection.

Other newbies include the bundles Kate made up last week.

This bundle (including Luxe in Bloom) is just fab.

Alice at Backstitch has charcoal sketch back in stock

and my other favourite, white black. Partly because it has such a state the obvious name.

I'm thinking of trying out this natural seeded klona instead of a normal solid in a quilt. I think the slightly rustic feel will be nice, and I'm interested to see how it washes compared to other klona (which washes beautifully)

Over at Eclectic Maker this bundle of Mind Your Ps and Qs from Keiki for Moda caught my eye.

Isn't this print cute?

Noteworthy by Sweetwater is in stock too, in pre-cuts and yardage.

For the next few weeks (through March) I'm going to be condensing the What's New posts into one post on a Saturday, because I'm teaching every weekend in March and I have a lot of prep to do for classes and what have you. So, there'll be one post for international pussycats on a Saturday. Hopefully that way I can get all the stuff I need to get done organised without staying up til 3am the night before class!

The first post for the how to make a pillow series is coming this week too. This first post is all about the groundwork - some products and tools I find really useful when making my pillows. You've got to make sure your ground is well dug and fertilised before you plant, don't you? Look out for that coming Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!


Flying Blind... said...

I used Natural Klona on this one it does go a lot softer after the first wash. (Uneducated have commented that it looks a bit like I used a dust sheet, but I like it!).

Di said...

Thanks for the round up of fabric temptation. Di x

Nicky said...

I ordered a Noteworthy charm pack from Simply Solids - with my 10% off! And a few other bits!

Also liked the Luxe in bloom bundle - would love to make it a skirt and warming to Tsuru! Keep telling me you love it and I might yet succumb!

Thanks Katy - mistress of temptation!

Sarah_L_N said...

Oh I've been wondering what Klona was like since I saw it when I was buying some bits from Frumble the other day. Nice to know it's good, they have some great colours in stock, so I will give it a go when I need some more solids!

Elsa said...

Oh, glad you set the moderation in motion ~
Good thing there's plenty of fabric to get in the US or I'd be tempted!
I bought the pillow book and love your pillow the most! Looking forward to your posts next week!

Katy Cameron said...

Let me save you some moderation work, turn off anonymous comments - select the 'Registered Users' opion then anyone with a Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad etc account can still comment, but not without.

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