Tuesday, 26 March 2013

mid week enabling

Brenda at Pink Castle is having a flash sale before she moves into her bricks and mortar store later this week and I don't think it'll still be on by the time it's what's new pussycat this weekend, so I'll give you the word now.

20% off anything in the store, including the new stuff. Use the coupon code SPRING20

Henry Glass 108" wide quilt backs maybe? Hot pink is back in stock.

Spot on extra wides?

cuddle cloth?

Some arrived this morning in the mail that I bought for a voile quilt I'm making. I got the watermelon colour - it feels like bunny ears, super soft. I pieced it into a quilt back as soon as it arrived, and it was really not bad to sew. It shed loads of lint around the cut edges, but so does flannel and velveteen and I love to use those, so it was no big deal. I just have to vacuum now. What's new?  I'll do a proper post on it soon (well, once it's been quilted and stuff). I really want some more colours to have on stand-by for backing quilts. My quilt is 72" square and I pieced a 80" quilt back from 4 yards of cuddle cloth. You could piece it from 3.5 yards to be honest, I had a little left over, but I wanted to be safe when I ordered and wasn't sure how much of the width would be usable. Basically it is fine to use from selvedge to selvedge - I'm sure you're not supposed to, but the selvedge edges don't fray and I'm all for less fraying. It's 60" wide, so bear that in mind if you're buying some. That teal colour is calling to me. And tomato. And opal. Come to think of it, the greys are awesome too.

New stuff in store includes mixteca, twenty three, and liberty lifestyle stile.

Oh - and the 20% off is also good on sale stuff too! There's heaps of stuff in the $5 section. 20% off $5 is (works it out and probably gets it wrong) $1 extra off? Is that right? (someone help me out here).


kate said...

I was just there & got 20% off some comma:) Brenda is awesome!

Nicky said...

Oh bother - bought some Mixteca before the discount!

Flying Blind... said...

Damn you fabric diet, ahem... that lasted for 48hrs!

krista said...

stop it, katy. just freaking STOP it already! i can't eat fabric, ya know. or can i?

Elsa said...

ACK ~ I'm doing a fabric destash ~ no more no more. It's so hard to resist!

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