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voile (french) vwal

voile (French) vwal

voile [vɔɪl (French) vwal]
(Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) a light semitransparent fabric of silk, rayon, cotton, etc., used for dresses, scarves, shirts, etc.
[from French: veil]


It's Wednesday, and that means what you should be reading now is how to make a pillow - the zipper edition. That was what I was supposed to do yesterday, but the postman brought me a package of cuddle cloth that I'd bought from Pink Castle Fabrics and instead of making a pillow with a zipper in it, I made a quilt back and finished the blocks for yet another scrappy trip along quilt. I promise the zipper will come on Friday. Promise. Pinky swear. I'm really sorry!!!!

Any how - as I got distracted, I thought I'd show you. Because I'm super excited about this quilt.

So, the quilt top is made from voile. I picked up this voile in Sew Mama Sew's crazy $6/yard sale. The stuff sold out in a matter of hours, I bought a lot, admittedly. Then a couple of weeks later it got restocked. Again, I bought a lot. Voile at $6/yard? That's just impossible to resist.

My plan with this quilt was to make a narrow border of a solid, and then a scrappy border. Yep, that hasn't happened. Because the cuddle cloth arrived and now I just want this quilted and on my body. Now.

cuddle cloth and voile = yum

Cuddle cloth, or minky, or plush fleece or whatever you call it is a polyester plush fabric that's 60" wide and comes in a heap of different textures and colours and patterns. This kind is the smooth kind and is produced by Shannon Fabrics. I've used generic no brand minky stuff before a few times and it was ok. It was a bit stretchy and that made me screwy faced and not overly happy, but this doesn't seem to stretch as much as the (cheap) stuff I've used before.

I had to cut my fabric and piece it with 2 seams to make a piece large enough to back my quilt top. Here's the cool thing - I cut it using scissors and used my ruler to mark where I need to cut it. because when you rub it against the nap, you can make marks that once you stroke it back the right way you can't see any more. That was cool, because I have to admit when I laid it on the floor ready to cut I had a little panic about how I was going to get a straight cut without marking with a pen.

cuddle cloth - nap

Piecing it was fine, it sheds a fair amount, so you need to vacuum up afterwards, but that's no different to flannel or velveteen and was no worse than a jelly roll (you know the bits you get from opening up a charm pack or a jelly roll? - that was about the amount of shed I got).

It didn't stretch weirdly when I sewed the 2 seams, and because of the way I had cut, I had to piece on a straight grain and also across the grain and both ways were fine. I lengthened my stitch a touch which I do anyway when I'm sewing a long seam. And I used a big seam allowance. Probably too big, but I wasn't sure about fraying (it didn't really fray - just shed fluff!) I also zigzagged the edges just to stop some of the shedding.

The colour here is called watermelon, but it's more a hot pink. Somewhere between pomegranate and azalea on the kona colour card. It's slightly more towards a coral scale of pink than those 2, but they're close. Close enough to get an idea, at least.

Colour matching cuddle cloth

I have to admit I've never really been interested in using cuddle cloth in my quilts before, at least, not for myself. My daughter has a real thing for it and she was pestering me to buy some to make her a new soft quilt, that's why I'd bought this pink. The minky backed quilt I made her when I first started quilting is a little babyish now (not to mention pretty terribly made) and she wanted something more suited to her teenage years. My voile quilt top was going to backed in more voile. I had it all planned out. But then this hot pink cuddle cloth arrived and that was it. I'm a convert. Now I need to order more for Grace's quilt, because she's not having this. It's mine.
I'm still going to use batting, I want it super snuggly. I'm not quilting it though, I'm handing that job over to Trudi so she can bring it to our next meet up and the Kitchen Guild girls can all have a stroke. I have quilted it before and I just made sure it was really well basted, it was fine. Remember - I'm not any kind of good quilter, so if I can manage it, anyone can.

This is a close up of Snoop's quilt that I backed with minky (yes, my dog has a quilt - obviously, he's pampered). I quilted lots of (not very straight at all) lines on this, and it was fine. No problems at all (I also really badly machine stitched the binding on that quilt. Ignore the badly stitched binding).


Brenda has 20% off everything in store this week (until Thursday or maybe Friday - use the coupon while you can) using code SPRING20. With the saving cuddle cloth works out especially good valueat just $10/yard
 3 1/2  yards will back a 72" square quilt with a 3" overhang.
2 3/4 yards will back a 60" square quilt with 3" overhang
4 yards will back a 80" square quilt with a 3"overhang or a twin quilt (65" x 88")

I'd better get back to sewing that zipper into a pillow.

If any more packages arrived, I'll ignore them.


knottygnome said...

aww, you made your dog a blanket with max and whiskers! that's so cute.

Debbie said...

fun post. Thanks for the good info!

Emily said...

I was pronouncing voile wrong for so long and then a friend said the word toile and I wondered if I had been wrong, so I looked it up. Vwal! Like voila, here is my voile quilt! :)
Then I heard a certain designer who sells voile fabric (not AMH) pronounce it like it rhymed with oil! Maybe through your blog today, you have educated other mispronouncers.
The quilt is lovely and will be so soft for snuggling!

Sonia said...

This is like the ultimate in quilt luxury!!!!! So gorgeous Katy. And I'm not sure that I believe you ignored any parcels that arrived today......... ;) x

Katy Cameron said...

Oh that sounds fabulously tactile! In fact, I think you must be the queen of tactile quilts

Flying Blind... said...

Does it make your hair go all static ?? Beautiful x

Kate said...

Love it, that voile is so perfect for quilts, perfect for anything really.

Darcy said...

I think it was a perfect use of your time - no one could resist that voile!

True story: I was showing my mom some of the voiles I recently bought and she said "what are you calling this?" and I said it again and she, who worked her way through high school and college in a fabric store years ago, said "oh, we always pronounced it v-OIL". Like as in cooking oil.


B said...

Katy, Just wanted to ask a quick question, did you wash the cuddle cloth before you used it? Thanks!!

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