Saturday, 23 March 2013

what's new international pussycat?

It's a beautiful Spring day here.

Okkaaaaaaay. What's all this snow about then?

Yeh, maybe not. Seriously - it's almost the end of march, and it's snowing. I had to help dig a neighbour out of our street because her car was having none of it and refused to move. My little bowl on skis was fine, probably because it weighs the same as a 2 yr old and has tyres as thin as bicycle wheels. Still, I'm sick of this adverse weather, so let's look at fabric to brighten up the weekend.

Pink Castle Fabrics has new arrivals including Liberty Lifestyle Stile, hello gorgeous (it really is gorgeous too), mixteca from Cloud 9 and PB&J precuts.

plus new bundles are in stock too. This one is a favourite of mine.

Fat Quarter Shop has new stuff in too.

These ginghams are amazing. (yardage and different sizes of gingham are available as well as precuts)

PB&J is in stock

this print is going to be a huge hit, don't you think?

New arrivals at Ballarat Patchwork include these lovely 30s repros from Windham

Sew Fresh Fabrics is shutting up shop for a Recount, Recoup, Renew break on Monday 25th March until April 1st when it will open with a huge bang again. Grab your essentials now!

Sew Me A Song has some great specials

Like this....

Everyone is all over low volume bundles at the minute...

 I like this pink one....

Amitie textiles in Australia are another new sponsor, and I'm sure you're familiar with their amazing block of the month series. Jen's new one will be available soon, and will be limited so to register an interest contact Lucy at Amitie and you can get first dibs. I'm signing up. The thought scares me, but I'm determined to give this a good go, just look at the sneak peek so far. It's amazing.

Skipping over to the UK, I have some paper pieces on the way from Jessie at Sew and Quilt. Because I'll be in Exeter for the quilt show for a few days all on my lonesome I feel the need to do some mindless english paper piecing. Nothing too taxing, just some simple hexies and the like.

I'm going to use some of these fabrics too

Comma has arrived at M is For Make!!!

The Village Haberdashery has a new workshop section! I'm teaching in both April and May (modern sampler quilt). For my class you need basic sewing knowledge and to be able to use a rotary cutter and ruler, but the class will be small so there'll be lots of help for anyone that needs a little extra hand. If you've never made a quilt before you may be better off with Judith's class, but you're still more than welcome to come to mine - I'd love to have you there! You will make a quilt top, but not a finished quilt in my class, over 2 saturdays.

Just because I love this line so much, here's Ruby Star Sparkle with added glittery gorgeousness.

I think Ruby Star sparkle would make an amazing bag. Like this one from Sara at Sew Sweetness.

The aeroplane bag is big enough for a sewing machine!

Tiffany made a Melody Miller version, I wonder if she'd like to make me a Ruby Star Sparkle one, just to spread the love? (I know the answer to that, it's a fat no, isn't it?)

In other news - have you seen the staple dress by April Rhodes? I've bought the pattern (it's a download) and it looks really simple (April promised me it is). I really love the shape and the simplicity and the fact that I can belt that baby up where it's shirred. I belt every dress I wear, whether it looks right or not. I'm a freak for a belt. 

Here's a pic of how I want the dress to look (I pinched the pic off April's IG stream) - LEOPARD, eek!!!!!!! (Imagine a big belt over that shirring. Are you as excited by that as me?) I want it right now. With a huge scarf and big thick tights and snowboots. Hmm. Maybe I should wait a few weeks. I will, however be sporting this baby (when I make it) at Pink Castle's camp stitchalot. Spring will be here by then, I'm sure it will.

That's it for this week. For those of you in the cold like me, wrap up warm and drive safe. It's mental that it's so snowy in march, I'm really over it now. Bring on Spring, please.


heart of charnwood said...

The Staple Dress is fab, love the Bet Lynch love of the Leopard version, I bet you'll even make that look cool! :o)

memmens said...

Dare I say it? It rarely snows in hasn't snowed yet this winter!

Jess said...

Eeeep! I've signed up for the amitie BOM too - totally nervous but ├╝ber excited too!

Elsa said...

I'm loving all the fabrics in this post and that BOM for Amitie looks fab (tho I don't think I'll sign up for it but I want to).
I just read the 'About Me' and it's hilarious ~ Lynne did a great job! said...

I pretty much love all that you posted! We have snow flurries, the city put salt on the streets yesterday!

April Rhodes said...

whoa!! thanks for pinching my photos and saying all that awesome stuff about my dress!!!! I super cannot wait to see you wear it!!!

Katy Cameron said...

The horizontal snow yesterday nearly finished me off, I've decided I *need* to go visit my team in Mauritius, like, now!

Carla said...

I saw this weather on the news! Horrible

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