Wednesday, 27 November 2013

a stroke of genius

The nice folks at Fat Quarter Shop emailed me AGES ago and asked if I'd be interested in trying out the box of threads they've put together for Aurifil. It was a pretty easy question to answer, I use Aurifil all the time, for everything from hand piecing, machine piecing and quilting. It's my favourite thread ever - I'd even go as far to say I'd rather wait for a new spool to arrive before finishing a project if I run out of a particular colour. So, I've finally gotten round to blogging about the threads...because I'm pretty useless like that.

Aurifil mako cotton comes in a variety of weights (you can find out more about them on the Aurifil website). 50 weight is my go-to choice (the orange spool). It's nice and fine, I don't find it too linty, it's super strong and doesn't snap all the time like other fine cotton threads I've tried and it blends into fabric beautifully. I use it for everything. Partly because I'm lazy and I can't be bothered to change thread weights (I'm also one of those really terrible people that will make do with whatever wound bobbins I have, even when I'm using a different colour thread for piecing. Like I say, I'm a little lazy). I also love the 50 wt because it works so well as a general all rounder.

You've probably seen the designer thread collections Aurifil have put together in conjunction with fabric designers. The threads co-ordinate with the designers' fabric collections - they're a really cool idea, especially if you have a particular love for one designer in particular and buy a lot of their fabric.

The Fat Quarter Shop box is a little different, it's designed with binding in mind. 12 different colours, each one chosen because chances are you're going to need it when you bind a quilt.

I think the only colour that is missing that I would also use for binding is black, but black is a staple and I always have plenty of that hanging around the house anyway for piecing dark fabrics.

I took this box with me when I went on the weekend away with my sewing friends, because I was going to bind a quilt, and I knew Justine was binding one too so I figured it was a useful box to grab. It was! We all used it!

For a little experiment I grabbed some random quilts that are lying around my house and checked if they could be bound using the threads in the box. This was completely random, and I only picked up quilts that were close by...because (like I said before) I'm lazy.

All 6 had a thread that was a great match, so that was encouraging! I know I'll get loads of use out of this thread collection, I'm going to save it just for binding and then I'll always have the right thread close to hand (notice there's a whole lot of leopard going on in that picture. Obsessed, much?)


With Christmas coming it's always good to have options to suggest to husbands or partners that we might really want but might not want to buy ourselves, and I think this is a great example of that. I know I'd be super happy opening up a box of threads on Christmas morning (yes, that's a hint if anyone's watching).

So, finally - a huge thank you to the team at FQS for sending me the binding box (and an equally huge apology that this post has been sat as a half finished draft for so long!!!!)


Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Yummy threads! You can never have too much leopard print!

Liane Weber said...

Love your bindings, they look so crisp and clean! The threads look fantastic, which reminds me I have to grab some purple for a binding I'm about to do!

Puk Ask√łe Bak said...

Would like to hear from people if they use the box when it's empty?

C. Jaeger said...

I've asked for thread for my upcoming birthday and for Christmas! I usually ask for fabric, but this is the year of thread!

Jenn4653 said...

I think this would also be a perfect buy for those trying Aurifil for the first time. Like me! ; )

mascanlon said...

Love Aurifil and I have put this on my wish list!!

Katelyn Vawter said...

Aurifil is totally on my wishlist! I don't think your post is is perfectly timed for the holidays! Nice reminder to leave to post up and the computer open for someone to see...Hint, hint. ;)

Isisjem said...

I dream of a box of Aurifil for Christmas. Actually I'm easy I dream of those four packs of tester threads everyone seemed to get their mitts on but me! :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Knowing me I'd end up using these for anything but binding lol Saying that though, I tend to do everything with Aurifil off-white 50wt *ahem*

Tina said...

Lovely thread... Lovelier quilts!

Flying Blind... said...

Now if only Mr V would make a box that would fit matching bobbins in, it would be like all my Christmases had come at once!

Jillian Grant said...

I love thread. It's a beautiful accent to any project.

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