Sunday, 30 March 2014

what's new, pussycat?

Happy Mother's Day for those of you in the UK! It's a shame it also coincides with the clocks going forward, isn't it? I thought we were supposed to get more time in bed today, not less?

Oh well - maybe some Mother's Day shopping will help...

Brenda has 20% off store wide with the code SPRING20

Hullaballoo is a really cute new line available at Fat Quarter Shop

There's 20% off all new lines at Simply Solids (until the end of today so be quick!)

Here's a little screenshot of some of the new stuff - it's so worth checking it out!

elephant in my handbag have these absolutely gorgeous Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake fabrics, which is such a lovely nostalgic memory jolt to when us old birds were young kids (or is that just me?)

Look - it's Alice at her new shop - it's open now, just outside of Cambridge and it's on a farm so there might be the occasional animal visitor too (she had some baby pigs in there the other day!!!)

She has lots of treats in the shop, like these Alison Glass prints...

If you liked my 30s repros scrappy trips, why not grab a bundle to make a start on your own. I have these beauties from Simply Sweet Fabrics in my quilt...

These beautifully soft quilters linens have just arrived at Cuts of Cotton

Textured solids by Andover are 20% off until Tuesday at The Village Haberdashery. Use the code TEXTURE20

Sphere is new in at Fabric HQ

These amazing Alexander Henry prints have just arrived at Bobbie Lou's


and sew retro...

Lecien's dots are great quality and you can pick up a bundle of them at Sew Me A Song

and last (but not least) Sew Fresh Fabrics have a monthly echino/kokka stash club. Now, who doesn't love echino????  3 half yards a month, which is the perfect amount to make something useful.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'm secret sewing today which is lovely to get back into after a few weeks of not doing much at all. It's not so great for it to be secret, but at least it's sewing. Maybe that means I'm finally used to my new job and no longer going to walk around like a zombie on my days off (those of you that work full time - how do you do it? I know it's been 15 years since I last had a real job so I'm out of practise but I have found a new respect for you. Seriously - commuting, and working is TOUGH, it sucks all your energy out of you!!!)


Leigh Anne said...

Oh man, I'm heading back to full time work after five years at home in May. I'm not looking forward to the adjustment weeks I know are coming. I'm fairly certain I will be in bed before the 8 year old most nights ;)

Katy Cameron said...

Yup, those full time job things can be a killer on evening creativity. I kind of weigh up my energy stores each day and roll with it, if energy is low, it's a blog prep day, otherwise I'll pick at some sewing or prep for the weekend.

Kacey said...

Ronald Dahl fabric?! Too cute! I'll have to keep an eye out for that line in US stores.

Karamat said...

Yep! Work can be tough to organize around, but you'll soon find your groove. I'm gone about 12 hours a day so I find myself sewing from 8pm to 10 or 11pm a few nights a week. Not nearly as much as I'd like, but at least it is something!

Josie said...

Stop showing me all that gorgeous fabric, I'll be living on beans on toast for the next year as I want it all x

Sarah said...

Oh no, not just you! I adored Roald Dahl books when I was about 9. The BFG was my favourite. I've tried to turn my 10yo daughter on to them, but I don't think they've quite won her over yet. She does love the Matilda movie.

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